How to choose a bulb ?

How to choose a bulb ?

How to choose the right lamp for your home or office?It would seem that this question is so simple that it can not cause any problems.But not so simple, because the domestic market are incandescent, LED and halogen lamps, energy saving, which are often referred to as "fluorescent".Therefore, an ordinary person, not to get lost in this huge assortment, as well as to know how to choose the right bulb for a lighting device, you need to get acquainted with their main characteristics.

Features incandescent

Traditionally, lighting devices of different types and purposes, both in homes and in commercial buildings, are equipped with filament lamps.Despite the fact that experts say about the inefficiency of these lamps, some buyers continue to buy them, not trying to change your idea of ​​the lighting.What are the main disadvantages characteristic of incandescent bulbs?

Firstly, light emitted from a lamp, a negative effect on human eyesight.It is quite different from daylight, and therefore, constantly working with an incandescent lamp, a person gradually loses eyesight.Second, the luminous efficiency of incandescent lamps does not exceed 7 - 17 lm / W, which is a percentage of 5-10% - the rest of the energy goes into heat.In fact, the incandescent lamp less light room, as it is heated.Third, these lamps are uneconomical because their only enough for 1000 hours, and sometimes less.

Not all incandescent lamps have the same characteristics, because some of them are filled with argon, and some - krypton.Second Embodiment argon lamp is much better, because the light output is increased by 10%.Krypton bulb manufacturers are available in the form of a mushroom, so they are easy enough to distinguish from the argon.Thus, if you buy for your home the traditional way of lighting, taking into account all the above, you should not have any doubt what to choose lamp - krypton or argon.

specifications of LED lamps

LED lamp is the best option for energy efficiency among all the lamps presented in the domestic market.However, these lamps have their drawbacks - High cost and the inability to operate at high temperature conditions conditions.All other characteristics of the LED lamps are only their benefits.These include:

  • heating temperature is very low.
  • lamp light output is 100-150 lm / W, which is 10-15 times longer than incandescent lamps.
  • lamp life of 100,000 hours, which is 100 times longer than incandescent lamps.But it's been because of this characteristic it is necessary to pay attention to LED bulbs, how to choose the best option for your home light bulbs.
  • extensive range of colors.Moreover, manufacturers offer LED lamps in the form of point light sources and scattering.
  • mechanical strength and ability to use at low temperatures.

characteristics of energy-saving lamps

Perhaps each of us, if not used, I saw in the store saving lamps in which the luminous elements are presented in the form of spirals or arcs.These lamps are a relatively long time, and got the right to life due to their positive characteristics.If you are considering to buy incandescent bulbs or energy-saving lamps - how to choose between a decent option, help the comparative characteristics of these two lamps.

So positive qualities of energy-saving lamps should include:

  • Energy efficiency, which is at least 5 times longer than incandescent bulbs - in fluorescent tubes it is 60-80 lm / W.
  • long service life - experts say that the fluorescent lamp can be used 15,000 hours.However, one important point: these characteristics are unique to the lamps, which are assembled in compliance with the technological process, from the first-class components.So that just a month you do not have to throw in the trash energy-saving lamp, buy quality products of famous European manufacturers that have proved themselves in the domestic market.
  • small heating - fluorescent lamp heats up to a maximum of 80 degrees Celsius.

Before you choose a lamp, pay attention to the store where you buy it - choose the direct suppliers of European products.We do not recommend to buy LED and fluorescent lamps from unverified suppliers.Remember, LED lamps repaired, but most importantly - find a place where they will make the lamp.