Can pregnant women in the pool ?

Can pregnant women in the pool ?

Increasingly among expectant mothers there are differences on the basis of the swimming pool.Someone thinks this is a very useful thing, and someone is afraid of catching any infection.Let's dot the "i" on the question of whether it is possible for pregnant women to visit the pool.

Terms pool visits for pregnant

First of all, before a visit to the pool is necessary to consult with your gynecologist.If you do not have complications, and he has no objection, in the pool at this point you can go.Why only now?Let us explain.Remember the most important rule: use the swimming pool during pregnancy can be, when the mucous plug is formed, but not yet published.

mucous plug

Vagina every pregnant woman is formed by mucus plug covering the entrance to the cervical canal (cervix).Its function is to protect your baby from direct infection via the vagina.That is bathing in the pool, you can not be afraid that gets the dirt and harm the baby.But cork protects the woman and the fetus is not the whole period of pregnancy.

mucus plug is formed in the first trimester, which lasts 12 weeks.On the Internet, write that on the 7th week of pregnancy begins to form the mucus plug to protect the fetus.

mucous plug can begin to move away for 2-3 weeks before delivery, or directly in front of them.All individually.Therefore, swimming is strictly prohibited pregnant after ceded cork, as at this time greatly increases the risk of getting various infections and pathogens to the child.

Contraindications and precautions

aware of the temperature of the water in the pool, if you have chosen a communal swimming pool.As a rule, aqua aerobics classes for pregnant water has a suitable temperature.Also, if you suffer from periodically appearing cystitis or kidney disease, you give up the pleasure regularly swim in the pool.

Do not forget about the fungi that can be picked up in public places.Now you it will be quite inappropriately.To treat nail fungus in pregnancy is extremely difficult, almost all drugs are contraindicated.

Do not overreach.If you feel tired, stop exercising.You also can not go to the pool for women with a strong toxicosis, miscarriage, abdominal pain after training.

benefit of training in the pool

asking whether pregnant women in the pool, you can not even imagine how you can.Even you need!Swimming will remove some stress to the muscles of the back, in parallel with this training other muscles.And if you have a breech presentation, the swimming - a serious help in correcting this problem.

Swimming during pregnancy are well prepare the female body for childbirth.Develop the muscles that are involved in labor, so the process of birth may be less painful.You are training to hold their breath, which also come in handy when pushing.Now you know that the swimming pool can be pregnant at a certain time and at a resolution of a gynecologist.