Can pregnant women to fly in an airplane ?

Can pregnant women to fly in an airplane ?

Definitely say whether it is possible for pregnant women to fly by plane, will not work.Doctors say that the body of every pregnant woman reacts differently to different requirements of the situation of life.Everything is very individual.One depends on the duration of pregnancy, the other - on how pregnancy occurs.Knowing these nuances, some airlines require women help from her doctor with a flight permission during pregnancy.Moreover, this authorization shall be made no earlier than one week before the flight.If you have a need for the flight by plane during pregnancy, it is highly recommended that you first check with your airline of their requirements.

flight during pregnancy

opinion of doctors about what can pregnant women to fly in an airplane or not, is ambiguous.On the one hand, to fly a plane in the first trimester pregnant women is dangerous, it can threaten abortion.But on the other hand, gynecologists can not find this evidence.Therefore, responding to whether pregnant women to fly by plane, they say that you can, but be very careful, you must listen to yourself.

Pregnancy and flying a plane - not very favorable combination.Because while flying on an airplane pregnant should be afraid of pressure differences.They pose the greatest threat to the life of her baby.The fact that the baby is in a sac filled with amniotic fluid.A pressure drop can lead to rupture of the bladder and premature birth.

plane during pregnancy is dangerous and the fact that a woman may experience a terrible fear of flight.Any fear - is stressful for the body.But stress can also cause miscarriage and premature birth.

With regard to the air in the plane.The fact is known that in the cabin during flight oxygen contained much less.The air in the cabin is dry.A fetus needs oxygen and often feels the lack of it.Dry air can cause dehydration, which does not need a pregnant woman.This is another negative moment trip during pregnancy.

remind you that the plane will have to sit in one position for a long time.Remember how often you want to change the posture, walk, lie down on the other side.Imagine how can zatech foot in an airplane.Accordingly, when a pregnant flight worsen blood circulation, and it may harm the fetus.

Pregnancy and aircraft: precautions

  • If gestational age is not small, then think through their clothes.The main condition - to create the most comfortable conditions for the trip, which can last several hours.Choose the freedom of movement or sports pants jumpsuit.Perhaps you have in the locker room there is a free comfortable dress - the perfect choice for a trip during pregnancy in warm weather.
  • Do not forget to cook with a small pillow that will help you in case of fatigue or back vertebrae.If you do not need to take their place in an airplane, every half hour, try to stand up and walk around the cabin, not much to foot numb.
  • Some people are afraid to fly on a plane.Flight during pregnancy can also be accompanied by intense fear that causes stress in the expectant mother.Have a sedative.Talk to your doctor and find out the selected airline which sedatives for pregnant women can be taken on board an aircraft.
  • If the plane you want to drink, in any case, do not suffer.Do not hesitate to ask the flight attendant juice or mineral water.There is a risk of dehydration, as the air in the cabin is very dry.
  • should wear a seat belt under the belly (!).

So, we found out that there is no evidence that pregnant women can not fly a plane.But, as the saying goes, "no smoke without fire."Therefore it is necessary to consider whether there are other options for travel.