Can pregnant women take a bath ?

Can pregnant women take a bath ?

How often do girls like to soak in the bath, relax after a hard day, pamper your skin with different masks, cosmetics.Undoubtedly, bath - the best way to relax!And if you want to relax pregnant, relax body and soul, is it possible to take a bath them?

Tips for bathing pregnant:

  • can not take a hot bath during pregnancy.This is because the hot water can cause miscarriage or premature labor due to increased pressure.Soar legs during pregnancy is also prohibited.By the legs and pelvic organs is surging faster blood, it also provokes bleeding, miscarriage or premature birth.In the first trimester better get along shower.
  • pregnant can take a bath with the water temperature 36-37 degrees, no more.The doctors say that taking a bath during pregnancy even helpful.But everything is good in moderation.Do not take a bath more than 10-15 minutes.
  • At the very beginning of pregnancy in a woman's vagina mucus plug is formed, which protects the fetus from various pathogens.Cork begins to move away for a few weeks before delivery, so after a discharge is prohibited to take a bath.Use the shower.
  • bottom of the bath is often slippery, and pregnant women may experience difficulties when raised, out of the bath.It should be very careful, attentive to their own health and the health of the baby, to avoid injury.It is often recommended to lay non-slip rubber mat on the bottom of the tub to protect pregnant from falls and bumps in the bath.
  • to raise the tone and the mood take a bath with essential oils (but no more than 2-3 drops !!!).Pregnant women can not in any case take a bath with oils of basil, rosemary, cypress, cedar, patchouli, thyme.
  • Pregnant women should not take a bath, if the apartment no one else.You may need to help!
  • In late pregnancy women complain of sudden movements of the child.Physicians are advised to take a bath with essential oils of ylang-ylang.
  • Pregnant useful to take a bath with herbs.At the pharmacy you can buy grass rose, lime, which will moisturize and soften the skin and hair.Mint calm and improve sleep expectant mother.

You may have heard that pregnant women should not take a bath.Lest you get confused, we explain the roots of such errors.Previously, women were afraid to take a bath during pregnancy, because they believed that the water (of course, not the ideal of purity) can get into the vagina, cause inflammation in the uterus and thus harm the child.In fact, the cervix has a special mucus plug, which will not allow penetration of water or an infection in the uterus.Specify that you can not take a bath when the plug has moved.

So, dear women, if you wish, of course, take a bath with pleasure!Take into service tips and enjoy the gentle touch of the warm water and the pleasant aromas of essential oils and herbs.