Can pregnant women to work?

Can pregnant women to work?

Many women have to continue to work during pregnancy.Is it possible for pregnant women to work?It is clear that, under the labor code, with 30 weeks of pregnancy is no longer possible to work - relies maternity leave.

A to the 30th week?The answer is ambiguous.If a woman works in hazardous work or the nature of their professional activity is associated with the rise of something heavy - in this case, of course, can not work.However, it should be remembered that it can be dangerous to work with and photocopying services, and people, since many contacts with people, as you would a teacher, a doctor or a seller, increases the risk of catching an infection kakuyu-nibud, starting with the banal SARS and finishingtuberculosis.

Also, according to the requirements of sanitary regulations, a pregnant woman can not work at the computer more than 3 hours per shift.It is understood that almost any profession can be potentially dangerous for pregnant workers.The main thing - to realize that the potential "harm" can snivelirovat work with the right approach.

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So, it is important not to forget to relax during your lunch break, walk, to rest your eyes when working on the computer.It is important to ventilate the room in a timely manner, to carry out wet cleaning there.If the woman is working with people, it is recommended to be tested for the presence of antibodies to rubella virus and in their absence, to avoid contact with sick.

By law it is impossible that a pregnant woman has been put to work overtime or sent on a mission, working in night shifts or weekends and holidays.Also, any pregnant woman the production can be transferred to part-time work in agreement with it, and after providing a certificate from the antenatal clinic.Unfortunately, the labor payment in this case is proportional to the actual time worked.In addition, according to the law, a woman in such a position can be transferred to lighter work on presentation of a certificate from a doctor.Of course, the law prohibits dismissing pregnant.Read more about this article you can Can I dismiss a pregnant woman.