Can I stay pregnant ?

Can I stay pregnant ?

second half of pregnancy is characterized by an increased load on the spine, which leads to the growth of the uterus.Symptoms of stress are harmful pain occurring after prolonged sitting.In addition, prolonged sitting position provokes congestion in the small pelvis.Considering that during pregnancy deteriorates venous outflow and increased pressure in the abdominal cavity, increasing the likelihood of hemorrhoids.That's why pregnant women can not sit for long.But is it possible for pregnant women to sit at all?Of course you can, you should just stick to some simple guidelines!

sit correctly

If prolonged sitting can not be avoided, for example, at work, make sure to back and neck were straight and bent knees rested on the floor.Elbows should be bent at a right angle.The chair should have armrests and back, the height should be adjusted so that the feet firmly on the floor.the stand can be used if required under the feet.All the necessary things and objects are arranged so as to bring them, you do not need to do side bends or forward, in particular - if it is necessary to lift a heavy thing.

sit long

How to sit pregnant, that does not harm the expectant mother, or child?It is important not to sit for a long time.During work breaks arrange themselves: every 45 minutes, stops for a fifteen-minute warm-up - stand up, stretch, walk.If possible, go outside, get some fresh air.But during the 45 minutes of work are not sitting still - change the position at least three or four times.When traveling by plane, train or car, and often change position, twisting and turning.At the first opportunity, try to walk around.

clear that you can sit at the computer for pregnant women, be sure only that the upper point of the monitor is slightly above or directly in front of the eyes.This will keep your head straight.But sit, legs crossed, is not recommended.In this position rapidly increasing load of the spinal column, pelvis bends forward, that the hour is withdrawn back pain.In addition, due to compression of blood vessels worsens the blood supply of the pelvic organs, and therefore - the uterus and fetus.