Can pregnant women sleep on your stomach ?

Can pregnant women sleep on your stomach ?

During pregnancy, a woman should follow the regime of his dream, because it largely affects both the future health of the child, and on her own.

postures for sleep in pregnancy

Many are interested in the question of public attitudes to sleep pregnant.Posture should be comfortable for the woman and not to harm the development of the fetus.On the future of the child should not push the severity of mother's internal organs.The correct posture for sleep is one in which the fetus receives oxygen normally in the right quantity.Many people are concerned about whether it is possible for pregnant women to sleep on the stomach and on the back.It all depends on the duration of pregnancy and feelings of women.

  1. At the very beginning of pregnancy a woman can afford any comfortable position for it.At this time, the uterus has not yet grown to a large size and reliably protected by bones.When a small gestational age can sleep on the stomach and on the back.But if a woman feels uncomfortable, it is a signal that we need to change position.
  2. At the beginning of the fourth month of pregnancy the abdomen is already clearly visible, and the woman begins to feel like a kid inside it moves.It is reliably protected from all sides, but you can not sleep on your stomach already.In this position, the woman will put pressure on the unborn child.Since that time, pregnant women can not sleep on your back, otherwise the fruit will not be getting the right amount of air and can suffocate.Therefore, if a woman likes to sleep on your back or stomach, then the period of pregnancy will have to give up your favorite habits in favor of the health of the baby.If she wakes up at night in the wrong position, it must immediately change it.
  3. From the seventh month of pregnancy a woman has to be uncomfortable to sleep on your stomach.Sleeping on your back at this period is harmful to the woman.Already a big enough kid in this situation will put pressure on the internal organs and interfere with their work.

So how do you sleep properly pregnant?Pregnant women is best to sleep on their sides.In this position, the mother will take care of the proper development of the child and about their health.The fetus receives oxygen without hindrance and without pressure on the internal organs of a woman.Doctors advise pregnant women to sleep on my left side, as this is the most appropriate posture for a good rest.To make it even more convenient, under the belly and between the legs can be put on the pillow.

Sleep hygiene for pregnant

Many pregnant women always want to sleep.This is especially true in the early months of pregnancy.This blame the hormone progesterone.He is involved in the female reproductive system.During pregnancy, the hormone accumulates in large quantities.Progesterone has a calming function.And since it is very much in the body of pregnant women, they often want to sleep.

To pregnancy was normal, a woman should observe proper sleep.

Bed for pregnant should be comfortable and meet the standards of hygiene: mattress should be of medium hardness and blanket - warm, but easy.

sure to get enough sleep.A woman should not sleep less than normal (8 hours).It is very important night's sleep.He should be healthy and nutritious.If a woman likes to sleep during the day, and this has a negative effect on her night's sleep, then on the day should be avoided.

To quickly go to sleep, a woman can afford a little exercise.The main thing - do not overdo it!This can be walking, housework, netyazhёlye exercise.In the first half of the day can be active with the highest voltage, in the evening you need to reduce the load, and before going to sleep at all excluded.

Concentrated mental activity before bed is also excluded.At this time of day is best to relax, listen to relaxing and pleasant music or read a favorite book.

If a woman feels discomfort in the chest during sleep, then at night she can wear a bra.It must be made of natural tissue and not to compress the chest.If back pain, you can use a special belt for pregnant women.It will relieve the pain and make the back muscles strong.

not use hypnotic drugs without consulting a doctor.

is important to develop a clear sleep and wakefulness.Women have to learn to go to bed and get up at the same time.

Avoid negative emotions before sleeping.Emerging issues need to be addressed during the day and evening is best done in tranquility and relaxation.