Can pregnant women go to the bath ?

Can pregnant women go to the bath ?

With the onset of pregnancy, many changes in a woman's life.Most often, women are sensitive to this period and otherwise afraid to hurt.In connection with this, it gets a lot of questions about the possibility of continuing the usual cases, procedures, use of conventional products and so on.Today touch procedures.Can pregnant women go to the bath and take a bath?By this question should be approached strictly individually!

bath during pregnancy: it is possible or not

fact that everyone has their particular physiology, differently tolerate heat, moisture, temperature extremes.A pregnant woman needs to understand how it is affected by high temperatures, humidity and resolve this issue in terms of well-being and state.Objective response, whether it is possible for pregnant women to go to the bath, can the doctor.He will explain the basic precautions and risks.

  • In no case can not go to the bath for pregnant women with threatened miscarriage and pregnancy flowing hard.

If a woman is before pregnancy regularly go to the bath, tolerates high temperatures and pregnancy is good, then why not go to the bath.Still, always worth remembering about the risks and consequences, and obey all warnings.

In modern conditions of life are very difficult to find a perfectly healthy woman, so residents in cities VVD (vegetative-vascular dystonia) can often be seen, and other autonomic dysfunction with unstable blood pressure.Adaptive mechanisms characteristic of pregnant women, is a decrease in blood pressure.Do not forget that the load on the various organs, including the vital increases.That is why it is necessary diagnostics of pregnant women experienced physician, in particular, in deciding whether a pregnant go to the bath.

  • go to the bath for pregnant women should be cautious, it depends also on the duration of pregnancy.In the I trimester, when the placenta is not yet formed, there is a risk of miscarriage, as a consequence of the redistribution of blood that occurs at the moment when a person visits a bath.In late pregnancy, visit the baths can lead to rupture of membranes and premature departure of amniotic fluid.
  • All women, regardless of the frequency of visits to the bath before pregnancy, should consult with a physician.You can not visit the bath in I and III trimesters.Before each trip to the bath is necessary to objectively assess their condition.Visiting a sauna, in any case, do not stay alone beside you always have to be someone.

Before going to the bath read all the guidelines and rules for steam baths.Remember that in the steam room can not be uncovered or wet hair.Give your skin body and gradually warm up, do not just run to the steam room.Staying in the steam room, start with the minimum - the first visit should not be whiter than 5 minutes.While in the bath, watch your heart rate.Time in the steam room, you can gradually increase to 10 minutes in normal health.The bath is a need to take a drink, well if it's herbal tea.Before going out on the street need to rest, so to speak cool.On arrival home, it is recommended to lie down.