Diet for lactating mothers

Diet for lactating mothers

healthy baby and its proper development is the result of proper nutrition nursing mother.That's just such a simple truth about young moms forget.In pursuit of a slender and toned figure immediately postpartum women rarely sit on a strict diet.And this despite the fact that a nursing mother should have the same number of times a day, how much to feed your baby, and the average amount of calories should be at least 2000 kcal.Therefore, to toddler and was strong and healthy, and you returned wasp waist, refer to the diets for lactating mothers.

Unfortunately, absolutely perfect diet for weight loss for all nursing mothers have not yet developed, so each mommy picks itself its own diet, paying attention to the child's chair, his flatulence and skin in case of allergy.To avoid the above will help several "golden" rules of the diet for lactating mothers:

  • Record in a notebook every innovation in a diet product.Moreover, it must be administered separately from the others to follow child reaction.Note that the response is often manifested in the no response at first, but only for a second meal the mother.
  • If a nursing mother is assigned medication, be sure to consult with your pediatrician.
  • complete elimination of alcohol!
  • Try to remove from your diet foods that can cause the baby's gut reaction or allergy.These include:
    • cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, squash and cucumbers;
    • grapes, strawberries, kiwi, bananas and citrus fruits;
    • foods containing preservatives;
    • carbonated beverages;
    • broth chicken or fish;
    • sausages and smoked products;
    • ketchup, mayonnaise;
    • foods containing refined carbohydrates: semolina, pastries and chocolates.

Recommendations on diet in the early days

first few days after birth in the menu include:

  • dry bread or the dried grain bread;
  • a small piece of boiled beef;
  • piece of hard cheese;
  • sure at least two liters of fluid a day.

Beginning with the third day, it is possible to add to the diet:

  • steamed, baked or steamed vegetables;
  • a glass of milk (taking into account that there is no intolerance);
  • porridge, cooked with cereals;
  • vegetarian soup with a small amount of potatoes.

fluid intake at this stage is reduced to 1 liter, because the milk arrives at the 3-4 day.

Noting the first week of the baby, and the menu is varied at all:

  • porridge of millet or boiled brown rice;
  • curd;
  • green apples;
  • rather weak meat broths.

restored again drink 2 - 2.5 liters of fluid a day.

By the end of the third week in the body baby finishes the formation of intestinal microflora, and the food is almost the same as it was before the birth, but not worth more is abused.You can add to the diet of boiled chicken, chicken eggs, porridge oats, beets, pears.Eat small meals should be, but on a regular basis.To milk arrived on time, eat the food for 30 minutes before feeding.

hypoallergenic diet for lactating mothers

With mother's milk in the baby's body still fragile, especially in the first month of life, supplied many of the most aggressive allergens, which can perform any substance in the product.In order to prevent an allergic reaction that manifests itself as a skin rash or indigestion, you must adhere to a hypoallergenic diet for lactating mothers:

  • menu should consist of the best in allergenic to products: cereals: rice, wheat groats, rolled oats, buckwheat, corn grits andetc .;Rye bread.Exotic fruits and vegetables are best left to the period when the child is already eating on their own.You should also refrain from citrus;
  • can have a bit of cheese, but not sharp grades;
  • biokefir and bioyoghurts - a great option to fill in the body of the protein deficit nursing mothers;
  • prepare meals recommended steamed or baked in the oven.

must be remembered that sometimes allergies can give themselves felt at once that if the child does not react to a product the first few times, it does not mean that the reaction does not manifest itself later, so observe the hypoallergenic diet is recommended for all nursing mothers, and in spite of the monotonyas part of the diet, change the mix of products on a daily basis.

Diet nursing mothers for colic

Usually the problem of colic and gas formation are concerned children aged between 2 and 7 months.They are associated with impaired motility of the intestine, leading to bloating.To save the child from suffering with colic, from the diet of breastfeeding mothers in the first place it is necessary to remove all foods that can lead to allergic reactions: citrus, coffee, seafood, exotic fruits, legumes, some types of dried fruits, etc.Precautions should eat dairy products - sometimes colic related to the content of protein in the milk of foreign origin mother.

is also necessary to control the process of feeding a baby: it is necessary to make sure that the baby does not swallow air during feedings.

Diet nursing mother at a diathesis

often wrong diet breastfeeding mother in a child triggered by a diathesis, which manifests itself as a skin rash.Reduce the manifestation of the disease or slow the progression of the disease as possible, keeping to a diet nursing mother at a diathesis.Its scheme is simple, and we are already fairly well known: it is necessary to abandon the foods that cause allergic reactions (see above.).Those.Diet nursing mother at a diathesis may include cheese, fermented baked milk and some other dairy products low-fat, cereal with milk, apples, bananas, potatoes, vegetable broth or broth from lean veal and other safe products.It is important to constantly monitor the reaction of the baby food.In the event of such symptoms, you should immediately eliminate the product from the diet.

Thus, every nursing mom needs to learn the main thing: everything she eats, somehow gets the child and therefore to the diet should be approached with the utmost care and attention.And, despite the fact that diet is very limited, if desired, it can still make a varied and delicious, and most importantly useful for infants and for young moms.