Diet for weight loss during pregnancy

Diet for weight loss during pregnancy

Nowadays young people who are not burdened with the care of children, work hard, they are in permanent employment.This may lead the wrong food, the constant "snacks" dry rations, maybe a sedentary job and a minimum of physical activity and, of course, stress.This all can adversely affect the functioning of the digestive system, as well as occurrence of unnecessary kilograms.When women become pregnant, she has a little more free time, she thinks about the beginning of a new life.Why not think about getting rid of the extra kilos?So our task is to lose weight during pregnancy, so as not to hurt yourself and your baby.Let's see, is there any diet during pregnancy to lose weight.

Diet slimming pregnant should not hurt the baby.Therefore, the diet will be just great!We eliminate stress in the first place.If you become agitated, try to calm yourself, remember how happy you are that waiting for the baby, still remember something pleasant.So in the future you will quickly learn to cope with anxiety.Diseases we also do not need!Take care of yourself, keep your feet warm, do not communicate with those suffering people.And remember, no starvation or malignant diets during pregnancy!

important condition for weight loss diet for pregnant women - a diet.How often and how much to take meals a day?

Pregnant women always want something special.We have everything, but right!For example, you wanted something very caloric, that is absorbed slowly.Eat these foods up to 12 hours of the day!Dinner let it be no later than 20 hours.Dinner will be good lighter products: low-fat cottage cheese, vegetable salads with butter or sour cream, sour-milk products.After 8 pm, the body prepares to rest and is not set up so well to digest and process food in the morning.For food not lie till morning, and do not delay in fat after 8 pm you can eat dried apricots, raisins, nuts, bran.Stand when the evening want to eat, you can not!Eat an apple, do yourself a glass of juice.

diet for pregnant women should consist of healthy food.In general, fruits and vegetables in their raw form is very useful for pregnant and quickly absorbed by the body.But this does not mean that the meat patty, you can stick a banana.Eat a banana first, and after a short time already cutlet, which will be absorbed any longer.Excessive use of meat should not be.Let everything be in moderation (1 to 2 times per week).Prefer it poultry, eggs, dairy products, nuts, beans, buckwheat, eggplant, mushrooms little bran, seafood.Reduce the amount eaten salt.Replace all fried stew.Cook for a couple.

In the last three months of pregnancy diet for weight loss should be special!the child's weight increases at this time.Doctors recommend much less eat meat, eggs and white bread.Studies have shown that births are easier, the child's weight about 3 kg, and the diameter of the head is less than 35 cm, of the mother, which is 3 weeks before childbirth abandon dairy products, meat, fish, poultry, eggs and will eat foods of plant origin.