How to lose weight after giving birth , if breastfeed ?

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How to lose weight after giving birth, if breastfeed?

During pregnancy, each woman in any case, is gaining weight.The norm is 10-12 kg.When the long-awaited baby is born, my mother very happy and full of love for him.But love itself was not forbidden, but on the contrary, taking care of its appeal will help many mothers get rid of postpartum depression and lose weight.

To lose weight, do not hurt yourself and your baby, you need to know how to lose weight after childbirth, if breastfeeding.Nursing women should not use diet.The fact that they occur in the body changes in hormone levels, and this can lead to depressive states.For their prevention and treatment must be healthy good food, about any diet can be no question.

Lose weight while feeding: eliminate harmful

Do not immediately upset and think that is impossible to lose weight after giving birth."But I breastfeed" - tell you.In reality, and in this case, the main thing to remember - Your main goal - not to cause harm to themselves and the child.Lose weight after giving birth a breastfeeding mother will help good proper nutrition.But that does not mean you have to have everything your heart desires, not paying attention to the harm caused by products.

  • Why have a lot of starchy foods?Lush buns, fried cakes and fat cakes any good child will not do.And abandoning them or reducing their use to a minimum, a woman after childbirth lose weight much faster.
  • not adversely affect the health of your baby abandonment of smoked meats, sausages, fatty meat and mayonnaise.Child need vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates useful, but not a great amount of fats and harmful substances.Choose lean meat, cook it, you can take the poultry.Eggs and dairy products are also a source of protein.
  • Did you know that the use of any fatty foods can cause constipation in a child?Milk will not be lost and will not be empty if you give up this harmful food.The fat accumulated during the entire pregnancy, just goes into the milk, so it does not lose its value.

Lose weight after giving birth:

diet, however, is not enough to give up of these products, so how to lose weight after childbirth, if breastfeeding, can only be rational and balanced diet.It is important to observe the correct diet.Let us learn this:

  • How many times a day you need to eat?Avoid large gaps between meals, otherwise the body, experiencing hunger, will make fat stores "for a rainy day."Eat 5 times a day, but in small portions.
  • last meal should be up to 3 hours before bedtime.Products for dinner should be light, mostly protein.

Heavy exercise allowed the woman after childbirth, breast-feeding.But to lose weight, it must be active and do exercises.Do yoga on techniques specifically designed for newly delivered women.More to walk on foot with her baby.The fact that immediately after giving birth, women were allowed walking and stretching exercises muscles.Strength training is contraindicated.