The diet of a pregnant with a large weight

The diet of a pregnant with a large weight

much weight during pregnancy - a problem for the pregnant woman and the fetus.Most of the increase in weight can cause many complications.These complications are dangerous for the future of the baby oxygen starvation or even death.Therefore, pregnant sometimes need to limit yourself to food.Only the diet of a pregnant with a large weight has to be gentle, and the food - complete.You're a baby grow!

rules for the supply of full maternity

  1. Carefully follow the work of the intestine, avoid constipation.
  2. can not be in a hurry when eating.Eat smaller portions, but often - 4-5 times a day.Last meal - for 2-3 hours before bedtime.
  3. Avoid eating large amounts of salt.Better on the pregnancy from her completely abandon and replace with something else.In the extreme case let it be soft iodized salt.
  4. Avoid alcohol and cigarettes!
  5. Drink less coffee.It is better, if it generally will not.
  6. Do not sit on a diet to reduce weight.The worst thing, what they can bring in your case - a miscarriage.Eat rich foods and carbohydrates, and proteins, and fats.You do want your child came into the world healthy?
  7. also currently sugary drinks are harmful for you.It is better to drink natural juices and pure water.

Diet for pregnant with a large weight - a very complex question.If you are thinking to yourself that weigh a lot, you get rid of such thoughts as quickly as possible, because of your food depends on the health and even the life of a new man!Be patient a year, the more so because of the large belly correct figure still does not work - you'll look better.Think about it, what is more important: a slim figure with a big belly for a few months, or the health of your child on his life ?!I think the answer is obvious.If you still really full, and it is not pregnancy, you still do not need to torture your body diets.Just reduce the amount of fatty, salty and sweet in their diet.Eat a healthy and varied food and never go hungry!That give birth - and can safely go on a diet.

Let's talk about the fact that expectant mothers can eat, and what better not.

What is pregnant

  1. Poultry and rabbit, lean beef.
  2. stroganoff of boiled meat.
  3. lean fish - every day at 150 of
  4. Low-fat soup or broth - 200 g per day.
  5. Vegetable salads.
  6. meatballs steamed.
  7. Low-fat cottage cheese - 150 g per day.
  8. few "soft-boiled" eggs (every week).
  9. bread - 150 g per day.
  10. Flour - 150 g per day.
  11. quenelle.
  12. Zrazy.
  13. Rolls.
  14. Fruit and dairy sauces.
  15. nesdobnoe cookies.
  16. Biskvitnik.
  17. Unsweetened fruit drinks.
  18. tea with milk.
  19. Dog rose decoction.
  20. greens and cinnamon.

What can not be pregnant

pregnancy diet with a large title implies rejection during pregnancy for the following products:

  1. Potatoes.
  2. casserole.
  3. Milkshakes.
  4. Sweet Yogurt.
  5. Cheese.
  6. Meat and fish snacks (especially fatty and very salty);smoked fish.
  7. pear, grapes, melon, bananas.
  8. Mayonnaise.
  9. gingerbreads, candy, chocolate, cheesecake, cheesecake, ice cream, condensed milk, cream cakes.
  10. Fresh bread.
  11. Fried eggs or hard-boiled eggs.
  12. Mushrooms.
  13. Caviar.
  14. Strong tea and cocoa.
  15. vinegar.
  16. Horseradish.
  17. black and red pepper.
  18. Mustard.
  19. Carnation.