Can pregnant women go to church ?

Can pregnant women go to church ?

can say with full confidence that pregnant women can be in church!

asked women about whether it is possible for pregnant women to go to church, the priests answer that is not only possible, but necessary, useful.Of course, under the condition that the pregnant woman has a desire to go to church.Father says that a woman who is pregnant, has received the blessing of God.A pregnant can go to church to thank God.Many people confuse the ban on church attendance during menstruation with the period of pregnancy.A pregnant woman is pure before God.A woman during menstruation is considered "dirty".

What to do in the church

Pregnant women in the church to thank God for the miracle of grace, which he sent to them for the opportunity to be a mother.

Father advises pregnant confession and communion of the Holy Mysteries of Christ.This will be useful and pregnant, and her baby.And faith will help to stay calm, strong and protect their health and the health of your baby.Therefore it is absolutely irrelevant the question of whether it is possible for pregnant women to attend church.

in the Church is the icon for pregnant women.Pregnant women in the church praying, first of all, the Mother of God Blessed Virgin Mary.Her icon "assistant in childbirth" is called "the holy image of Our Lady Help of in childbirth."If a pregnant woman is suffering from an illness, sad about something, you will survive these illnesses Semistrelnaya icon "Softener of Evil Hearts".Miraculous Icon of the Mother of God "Soothe My Sorrows" pregnant can pray to cope with their fears, doubts and anxiety.

Pregnant in the church can get blessed with the prayers of the book for pregnant women, with the prayers of the evil eye, damage.Do not recommend to buy such books or icons in stores.Firstly, they can not be hallowed, and secondly, they say they could go bad in his hands.

How did sign

Where lie the roots of prejudice that pregnant women can not go to church?

Earlier in the villages it was believed that pregnant women can not go to the cemetery, out of sight to outsiders.Its hidden, guarded by different things out, to isolate from strangers.Pregnant women go to church, too, was undesirable.It is always a lot of innocent people in the church.Many were afraid that they might jinx the pregnant woman, to restore damage to the unborn child.And elderly grandmothers in church enough who like to scare young mothers scary tales, superstitions.Pregnant wary of this.That's where it is believed that pregnant women can not go to church.

Nowadays, going to church in the cities are not so many people.A pregnant continue to lead a normal life, go to work, to meet a lot of people.And do not forget that the church itself does not approve of superstition, nothing to be afraid of pregnant women.If a woman who has a new life, drawn to the church, she feels there themselves peacefully, do not hesitate - pregnant women can go to church!