Can pregnant women go to the cemetery ?

Can pregnant women go to the cemetery ?

Pregnancy - the beginning of a new life.Cemetery - a sign of the end of life.As far as the opposite of these concepts!Only the born, others die.People go to the cemetery to bury someone, to remember the loved ones.But is it possible for pregnant women to go to the cemetery?That is, a woman wearing a new life, to go to where other people are left living.

Pregnant in the cemetery: the view of the church

So, which position is shared by church officials about whether pregnant women in the cemetery.The Church claims that go to the cemetery to remember the dead and can and should be even pregnant.It is believed that God blesses people who do not forget their loved ones, their ancestors.But you must remember that it can be done, if you wish.Pregnant women should not be at the cemetery, when they do not feel well.It is not necessary in the day to go, even if the relatives are urged to you about it.

pregnant in the cemetery: the opinion of psychologists

Discussions that pregnant women can not go to the cemetery, of course superstition.By the way, superstition in pregnant women increases.But we must not forget that the negative emotions and a strong internal stress, which may worry the woman during the funeral, can affect her health and the baby's health.After any stress - is the cause of ailments and diseases.That's actually the main reason why pregnant women should not be in the cemetery.Especially in early pregnancy should keep their nerves, to be calm and peaceful.If a woman has decided to still go to the funeral, though highly experienced, then it is better to minimize communication with the bereaved, to control myself, to try to calm yourself.

Everything will depend on the reason hike to the cemetery (burial or desire to come to the grave, and to remember the loved one).And how perceives pregnant woman cemetery itself.In some people, a single word "cemetery" may cause discomfort.Therefore, in this respect it is not necessary to go out there and provoke in his fear.Others have the same idea "to go to the cemetery to a relative or friend" - this is a common thing, which does not cause any bad feelings.It all depends on the perception of the pregnant!

Of course, if it is a funeral, for example, the beloved close friend, should refrain from strong negative feelings and stay at home.And if a pregnant woman had a desire to go to the cemetery - is nothing wrong with it can not happen.I can share an example of a friend of a young mom.Being pregnant, she appeared inexplicable desire to constantly go to the cemetery to visit deceased relatives.There are no restrictions on it in front of her doctors did not put.Refers to this woman quietly believed that pregnant at the cemetery - it is quite normal.She is now enjoying a new role - the role of mothers of healthy beautiful baby!

We conclude: pregnant women can go to the cemetery.