Can you knit pregnant ?

Can you knit pregnant ?

On the topic of "whether it is possible to knit during pregnancy," there is a lot of controversy.Various conjectures and superstitions in this respect do not give rest nogim future moms.But davaye try to dispel this myth and put everything in its place.

can or can not knit?

I think you have heard that it is impossible to guess bermennosti, pregnant women can not knit, pregnant women can not go to church, etc.But putting aside the questions concerning religion, divination and other things (in which you can find at least some explanation), why not knit?Yes, because it threatens entanglement umbilical cord around the neck of the child, thereby suffocating it, as some say!It's only superstition, nothing more.Woman expecting baby, he wants to lead a quiet and pacified life, especially when it comes to the long-awaited maternity leave.It has already loves and waits for the child, so she wants to do something a parent.Knitting - a purely female occupation.Take yourself as possible, inventing different models of knitted clothes and even toys for the newborn and, of course, to put these ideas into practice.

Women who do not knit during pregnancy, have the same chances as those who knit, give birth to a child with a diagnosis of "single or multiple umbilical cord entanglement."We conclude that a ban on knitting during pregnancy - very misleading.

Where such a sign?

This sign takes roots in ancient times, when people associated with them occurring events with previous events.In that distant time, it is explained as follows: if a pregnant woman a lot of knits, weaves, sews, embroiders, she slowly begins to devote to this task all his free time.Consequently, she did not have time to care for yourself and prepare to leave.Because of this lack of training, moral and physical labor can not pass very well.

Also, this error may be due to the emergence of a node.If you knit, you seemed to tie knots, thus tying future baby on the way out the light.Threads - it's like a spider's web in which children can get confused when you exit.

Despite everything, pregnant women continue to knit and sew.This is understandable: the mass of free time and favorite activity!

Benefits knitting

women who knit, unambiguous answer to the question of whether it is possible to knit pregnant.This exercise soothes, and even recommended by doctors, but we must remember that when you knit, then sit in one position, and if it takes a long time, the child may appear the lack of oxygen and nutrients.You will understand that it is inconvenient when he starts kicking you intensely.Therefore, knit in a convenient position, take breaks every 30 minutes.Take a walk in the fresh air, lie down and drink a juice or yogurt.

Knit with pleasure and love for her future baby.A knit little things can then be saved to memory.