Can you guess pregnant ?

Can you guess pregnant ?

Maybe you're having a difficult problem.Or just curious to know the future.And even more so when you are in position!Future moms, looking forward to their baby, they want to know how quickly you can about how it will be.Well, then do not go to a fortune !?Particularly interesting are resolved to do so.And for good reason.Because it is dangerous to speculate pregnant.And it does not matter, you're wondering someone or you are wondering.

What is the reason?

Here's the thing.The child in the womb is protected by the mother physically, but his soul is still very weak and vulnerable.It can be exposed to bad influence or bad energy.Magic and divination sessions, especially in fortune tellers and witches, have strong energy and can affect the unborn child until abortion.Some women, who all was in order, after some time of divination diagnosed an ectopic pregnancy.Such cases are many.It does not matter on what question the woman turns to a fortune.It may have questions about pregnancy, about the problems associated with it is not about the future.The result can be equally disastrous.

There are cases when a woman comes to a fortune-teller, not knowing about her pregnancy.If a professional fortune-teller, she quickly determine the status of women and refuses to speculate.If you have got such a fortune-teller, thank God for what you have not got bad.Bad fortune tellers or can not determine the pregnancy and agree to tell fortunes, or a close eye on the status of women and to hold a session.Such fortune-tellers often agree only because of the possibility of profit on your ignorance.Therefore, if you are being pregnant went to a fortune teller, and she did not even hinted about your position, run from it like the plague!This is a common charlatan.

And if you are a believer, you must know what is best for pregnant women to go to church, than to guess and turn to fortune tellers, because it is a sin!Such aid does not come from God but from the dark forces.Even if you get the right answer to the question, then we are prepared for what will have to pay for it by other means, which will be pleasing to the Devil.And no one gives a guarantee that it will not affect your baby.

Suppose that you are not superstitious and still want to go to a fortune.Then yourself mentally ask yourself the question of whether it is possible to guess pregnant, and think about a real consequences.And if you find something wrong and then get into a fuss?It could also seriously affect the health of the child.And not the fact that all the fortune-teller with a precision you predict, if not sovret.

Therefore, if you essential your future child poosteregsya fortunetellers for his health.