Will I have children?

Will I have children?

Procreation - one of naiprioritetneyshih human instincts.Having children, however, are not everything.There are many factors that affect the ability to have offspring.This stress and habitat, and bad habits.If you come to a point when it is seriously contemplate about the children, you should know their chances to continue the race.

asking yourself the question: Will I have children, and how to identify, you can rely on scientific methods or folk.The choice is always yours.Of course, it is worth remembering that the medicine gives a more complete and accurate data.But, in this case, it can also make mistakes.

Medical examination

Before you be examined by a specialist, it is necessary to remember that hormonal drugs, such as contraceptives, really affect the possibility of ovulation in women.These drugs disturb the natural cycle, and then have to stop taking the pills and wait a few months for a full recovery cycle.If conception does not occur more than a year, at regular "attempts", that the survey should go both partners.After all, how do you know whether the children, if there are health problems in both partners?

Various tests to determine the reproductive capacity of women, are done on different days of the cycle, as fully as possible to reveal her hormonal balance and the ability to ovulate.Men also need to undergo semen analysis - a comprehensive analysis of the chemical composition of semen.This test will show the quality and total sperm count.

After that, the pair recommend a hormonal examination.To do this, you need to pass blood and urine tests.The chemical compounds are liquids and the amount of the pituitary hormone responsible for the function of a woman's ovaries.After all, hormonal imbalance interferes with fertility.

If the previous tests did not show sufficient results, the next stage is to determine whether the children can use the X-ray and endoscopic examination of the fallopian tubes and uterus.This test will show the presence of congenital malformations of the uterus and the ability to pass pipes and facilitate the movement of the embryo.

Then do ultrasound - ultrasound.Through ultrasound specialist will see the real size and structure of the ovaries and uterus of the patient.Thereafter, both partners tested genetic test.It detects the presence of congenital diseases and defects transmitted by genes, and preventing conception or the normal development of the fetus.Shall also special blood tests showing immunological compatibility.In other words, the antibody test.Particularly moving white blood cells that destroy the sperm cells, mistaking them for antigens, so that fertilization does not take place.On average, the survey should take no more than 3-4 months, then we can immediately see the complete picture of a pair of reproductive capacity.

Folk omens

If medicine does not give answers to the question about the possibility of having offspring, many have resorted to folk methods.Ways how to determine whether the children are many.The most common - is divination.

  • most popular is the divination with the needle.On a string length of 20 cm is suspended from the needle.With one hand she holds the end of the thread so that the needle does not touch the second palm approximately 0.5 cm. Not doing hand movements, thread the needle begins to make movements freely.If the movement were in a straight line, then the woman would have a son, and if the movements were circular, then - a daughter.
  • next most popular way - is divination by the hand, or palmistry.Underneath this there is a certain scientific basis, because scientists say that the lines on the hands arise under the influence of genetic features.Under the little finger of the active hand - the right for right-handed, left-handed left have vertical stripes.Their number - the number of future children.Those that are longer - boys, and those that are shorter - the girls.
  • Tarot.One of the most ancient and mysterious ways, not only to learn whether you have descendants, and in general to know their future.Perform a divination to be a fortune-teller, who tells fortunes by the Tarot cards for quite some time, and has a corresponding reputation.If you do not want to contact the charlatans, of course.