How to structure the water?

How to structure the water?

Many people have heard about the beneficial properties of structured water!And that structured water is only a few springs and streams of the mountains!How can that be, if you want a structured water, but this river with wonderful water nor that go far, fly the plane for a long time.About a water utility, and know our ancestors!Remember the phrase, "living water and dead water", and because it is mentioned in the ancient tales.So there are ways to structure the water and in the home, not just natural.

Structuring sound

easiest way of structuring water - due to vibration.Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto has identified ways of structuring water by sound.He saw that the structure of water is changing under the influence of music.If the music is light and harmonious, and the structure of the water, a light and beautiful, the music was not harmonious and heavy, its structure came out dirty and geometrically incorrect.So when you cook the water, it is better to listen to music or classical ethnic and harmonious.Take the time and learn (or even read) the works of this remarkable scientist on the structuring of water.

Structuring vibration

following method associated with the vibration from external influence.This is the popular recipe to create a structure in the water.It is done when you are cooking water for drinking or eating, so you put the kettle, it is even better to hang a pot over the fire with water, so the water will be better to take the next step done by you.We need to take a subject in the form of a spoon or a thin stick by them, we will easily hit the pot in its center outside of this impact will be small waves of water closer to the center.As a result, the water as it is pressed by the wave created.So you need to do until then, until the water begins to boil.Hitting, of course, also need not perhaps when you need to start to do it at the moment of boiling, on the water, you will see small bubbles, popularly referred to as "fish-eye".As soon as you notice the beginning of boiling, immediately you begin to create waves in the boiler by tapping it, will shoot down punches and boiling delay.From these manipulations water condenses and becomes a kiseleobraznoy.You will have a structured water in the home, and maybe even in camp!

Here are two easy and simple way, how to make the structured water, but you are not limited to, for the minds of our civilization is not standing still.

Structural your tea!