Can pregnant women use a solarium ?

pregnant woman can not stay long in the sun, sunbathing.Is it possible for pregnant women to sunbathe in the solarium?

To begin with you will answer the question: why can not stay long in the sun?

First , in pregnant women hormonal changes.Thus, under the influence of sunlight (UV light) dark spots may appear on the skin.These spots or disappear after delivery, or stay for a lifetime.

Second , being in the sun increases the temperature of the internal organs of the fetus, and the temperature.If the fetus is in this state long enough, it can lead to brain damage.

Third , scientists can see the relationship of the nervous system development disorders of the child and the impact on the body of the mother of ultraviolet radiation.

Can I go to the solarium pregnant

Effect of tanning on the body of the pregnant woman has not been studied.Doctors are advised to refrain from tanning.Tanning in a solarium, a woman and her unborn child is exposed to the same risk.Due to hormonal changes under the action of tanning lamps may appear dark spots.In addition, in women during pregnancy skin is more sensitive to external factors.There is a great risk of scorch.

Consult your gynecologist who is watching you, and ask him if you can go to a solarium during pregnancy?Of course, everyone on this issue there is your answer.And the assertion that when exposed to ultraviolet rays produced by vitamin D, so necessary as the adult body and child, more often makes us wonder whether it is possible to go to the solarium during pregnancy.

Modern scientists say that tanning is not so useful.Especially not recommended for pregnant women to go to the solarium.It is worth thinking about the future health of the child.Strong UV radiation can lead to various diseases.And what concerns sunburn during lactation?Can I sunbathe a nursing mother in the solarium or in the sun?And about this in our other article.