Can pregnant women to dye your hair , nails and face?

Can pregnant women to dye your hair , nails and face?

During pregnancy a woman's body in certain changes occur.They manifest themselves in the condition of the skin, hair and nails.So when you are going to paint them, these changes need to be considered.So, consider the concerns of women's questions about whether it is possible to dye your hair, nails and face pregnant and make appropriate conclusions.

Can pregnant dye your hair?

begin with this common problem.You are constantly stained hair in a few years, and now can not look at the regrown roots?Tint your hair seems tarnished you, and you believe that it is time to update it?Or do you just fine mood, and you want to be transformed by changing your hair color?I propose to look at what is happening with the hair when you are expecting a baby, and learn whether you can dye your hair pregnant.

Hormones your body undergoes changes that affect the structure of the hair.Hair usually become thicker.This does not mean that they grow larger.The fact that the hair loss is reduced by increasing the pregnancy hormone - progesterone.Studies have shown that modern hair dyes do not carry the danger for pregnant women.But do not forget that every body is different.Often pregnant women describe their hair as the naughty.Changed especially pregnant hair can not predict what will be the result of coloring.That is, you simply can not get the desired result.And now I do not need another reason to experience.In addition, medicine insists that the harmful chemicals in paint may adversely affect the scalp and the entire body as a whole, which also depends on the individual characteristics of the organism.

And yet, if you want to dye your hair during pregnancy, it is best to:

  • use a painting tool;
  • do highlighting, coloring, under which the paint does not affect the scalp;
  • use folk remedies for hair color (for example, henna, basma).

Can pregnant paint your nails?

during pregnancy also changes the structure of the nail.You may find that the increased thickness of the nail plate and nail growth rate.This is due to hormonal changes.Or you can ignore the fact that the nails become thinner, longer break, delaminate.Therefore it is better not to use products containing acetone, and painted nails less often.All this is necessary in order to harm your nails is minimal.And so as not to harm the child, pregnant, you can paint your nails in a well-ventilated area.Otherwise, you'll be in a lot of inhaling noxious fumes, which also can cause allergic reactions.Note also that the increase nails to pregnant women only if certain conditions are met.

Pregnant paint nails can be, but when buying nail polish pay attention to the means.It must not contain:

  • Formaldehyde (can weaken the immune system of the child);
  • Toluene (speeds up the drying process of varnish, and is harmful to the fetus);
  • camphor (not recommended during pregnancy).

Can I paint the face, make-up pregnant?

We now turn to the question of the make-up face during pregnancy.Cosmetologists write that the use of makeup can have a negative effect on your baby.Quite the contrary - positive emotions from his reflection miraculously affect your mood and well-being!That is, painted face can be pregnant!Look pregnant can:

  • paint eyes, giving them expression with the help of mascara;
  • lipstick, emphasizing the sensuality of their luster;
  • paint eyebrows, playing with natural curves.