How to use Photoshop (Photoshop) CS4?

How to use Photoshop (Photoshop) CS4?

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How to use Photoshop (Photoshop) CS4?

Photoshop program is the most famous image editor, defining standards of working with digital images.Photoshop CS4 Extended allows you to edit a variety of existing images, and create new ones.Applications in this image editor very much: work with scanned images, create photo-realistic images, retouching, color separation, color correction, transformation of graphs, collage and more.If you are just starting to learn the program Photoshop CS4, then you definitely will be helpful to learn the basics of working in it.Consider the main features of this program.Learn how to use Photoshop CS4.First of all it should be noted that the original version of Photoshop program created in English.But the editing, you can download desired online and in Russian.However, it should be noted that all of the commands in the program will still be written in English.But do not despair, because the Internet is always possible to find video tutorials of Photoshop CS4 in Russian.


Functions styles used in the program very often.They are a collection of some fine tuning.Use them very easy.With them, you can change the image as a whole and their individual parts.A variety of styles for Photoshop CS4 offer sites dedicated to this program.You can download them for free.To control the styles you want to use the icon located in the window "Layers".


A tool such as "brush" strokes needed to create and fill the color field.In Photoshop already has a standard set of brushes.Just one click the mouse on the screen immediately arise Pap or even drawing.In the vastness of the Internet is not difficult to find all kinds of brushes for Photoshop CS4.Set them on a computer is very simple.It should be noted that each brush has its own settings, which determine its color, shape, size, texture and transparency.With the manipulation of these attributes, you can create absolutely any mark line.The possibilities are almost limitless.


Each saw different pictures with beautiful inscriptions, made with different fonts.I'm sure many would like to do something similar, unusual and beautiful.However, unfortunately, most of the system fonts are not suitable for creating original inscriptions.Make them is to install special fonts for Photoshop.Download all kinds of fonts for Photoshop CS4 can be on the Internet.In all kinds of sites that offer a wide variety of beautiful and unusual fonts.After they are installed, the program need to select a tool called "Text", which will display your installed fonts.Will only choose a favorite and you can write any text beautiful letters.

Filters Filters

call routines that can be installed very easily in Photoshop.Filters for Photoshop CS4 can be found on the Internet at sites dedicated to this program.Filters, or as they are called - plug-ins are required to create different effects.It should be noted that not all filters are capable of working in different color models.It is necessary to consider and be careful during the transfer of the image, which is processed by the filter, from one color model to another model.Filters can easily be applied to the entire image or just a selected part of it.It should be noted that the plug-ins are custom - with its dialog or interface, and nenastraivaemye - applied immediately after clicking on the command.For example, filters the sharpness of edges - a custom filter, and filters simple field - nenastraivaemy.