Can pregnant women to cut their hair ?

Can pregnant women to cut their hair ?

arguments on whether you can cut one's hair during pregnancy, a great many.I think this question at least once to get up before every future mother.Try to understand where all this fear has gone, cut hair expectant mother.

Cutting hair pregnant: can or not

Talk about omens and superstitions.The guided our ancestors when deciding whether it is possible for pregnant women to cut their hair?In ancient times there was a national sign, following which, a haircut during pregnancy would not be under any pretext.The thing is that our ancestors with the help of hair escaped from the cold, so they thought that the hair lies the vital force, so a haircut, we shorten life, deprived of strength, energy, and even prosperity.Moreover, they felt during pregnancy it can not be done, because the body and so is subject to all sorts of tests.Perhaps they remembered one of the heroes of the Old Testament, Samson, whose wife otstrigla hair, and he lost his mighty power.But scientifically substantiate this version, of course, no one can.

objective reasoning

  • And they think now?What doctors say?Can I cut their hair during pregnancy?Hairdressers and doctors professionally convince us that have hair cut during pregnancy can be.We are modern and educated people should not rely on superstition.I have experience and scientific explanations professionals.A friend of mine in the first half of pregnancy, when it is not noticeable belly, trimmed ends of the hair in a hairdressing salon.Later, two months later, she went back, her hairdresser was not, and the other to cut it refused, telling her friend that during pregnancy can not be cut, and that it can harm the baby.Specifically, how and what in the hair cutting can harm a child, she did not explain.I had my friend to go to another hairdresser.Still, during pregnancy, I want to look beautiful in a special way!We were amazed by these ancient speculations.Yet, we believe that hair cut pregnant women can and should be.
  • And if we turn to the Orthodox Church, it will give a definite answer: do not believe superstition!
  • natural that expectant mothers still suffer with this issue.But let us reason together logically.During pregnancy, most women try to eat correctly and on time, hard drink vitamins in different periods of pregnancy lean on different groups of products necessary to the child at different times of its formation.Accordingly, the balance of substances in the body is adjusted, including the calcium and zinc, which are essential for the growth of hair and maintain them in a healthy state.It produces hormones that promote shine and density of hair.Hair starts to grow faster.According to experts, the number of hairs increased by 60% during pregnancy.They grow healthy, so they should be cut more often, so that they are more well-groomed and beautiful.Long hair is short and in need of care during pregnancy as well.For long and medium length hair necessarily once a month to level ends and for short hair - every one - two months - a haircut.The more you go to the barber shop, the beautiful and tidy your hair, especially during pregnancy.
  • Modern medicine on the question of whether pregnant women to cut their hair, tell an unambiguous yes.Expectant mothers can cut one's hair during pregnancy, it does not threaten the baby, the more does not take energy and vitality.New hairstyle gives us new positive emotions and joy, and that's for sure will have only the best impact on the unborn child.

We conclude: a haircut during pregnancy can and should be mandatory.Rejoice yourself and others by their appearance and your child will be nice and snug on your mood.

By the way, I should add that after giving birth often happens that the hair begins to fall heavily because of stress, lactation and other factors.So if a haircut during pregnancy, it is as if the hair will help to move the next crisis, ie,reduce the pressure on the hair.And this is one answer "yes" to the question of whether pregnant women have hair cut.