Can pregnant women walking in high heels ?

Can pregnant women walking in high heels ?

Pregnancy - a wonderful time in any woman's life!Magic mood of waiting for the baby gives you strength, it gives encouragement.There are an increasing desire to look beautiful, to care about the beauty of your face, your hair's health (see., "Is it possible for pregnant women to dye your hair, nails and face?"), To dress and, of course, wear heels!But is it possible for pregnant women to walk in high heels?After all, you do not want to forget the first 9 months of this sweet sensation of tapping his heels on the pavement, a sense of attractiveness and femininity!Mothers and grandmothers are beginning to worry and to insist that pregnant women can not walk on his heels.

High Heel pregnancy

How does a high heel on a pregnant woman?

  • High heels alter the fulcrum (with the whole foot on the surface of the sock), and accordingly, at your location.For a child changes the very place of his stay in these 9 months.Position your baby is changing, it is moved, making more stretch marks on her stomach mothers.The question is: do not change the high heels 9 months or have a nice tummy after childbirth?In this connection, still can not be a future mother to wear shoes with heels, to keep its beauty after the birth of a child.
  • in pregnant women relax ligaments in the feet already in the early stages.This is due to hormonal and training the body to work in 9 months.Body weight increases during pregnancy, and hence the load on the legs too.This in itself can cause varicose veins, flat feet.And if you still wear high heels during pregnancy, it will increase the burden on the feet can cause swelling, back pain, trauma (pregnant often stumble awkwardly stand up to foot).Again, your legs more easily recover after childbirth without shoes on his heels.

Impact on your baby

How does the fruit of the shoes with heels during pregnancy?

It has been said that high heels during pregnancy alters the position of the woman and baby.Changing the position of the child is dangerous in itself.If the child takes breech or transverse position, it could face an abortion or the need to do a cesarean section.

Useful tips

  • not necessary to give up heels at all!Avoid high heels during pregnancy (stop at a height of 3 cm.).Avoid shoes with thin heels.Choose a stable shoes.In the store, ask the two pairs of shoes, do not hurry, walk it around the store.
  • Note clasp.Think about whether you will be convenient to use it in the later stages of pregnancy.
  • If in the first few months of pregnancy you are going on holiday and can not do without the charming heel, then let it lasts no more than 2-3 hours.
  • Wear supportive shoes.Check that the foot does not hang out in it.By the way, it is not necessary to wear ugg boots, and since they do not support the foot.