Can I sunbathe pregnant ?

Can I sunbathe pregnant ?

Pregnancy fundamentally changes the life of any woman, whether she wants it there.However, the desire to be fit and look beautiful remains unchanged, no matter what.One of the proven ways to maintain good physical shape and beauty of the body - it is a beach holiday.

The benefits of tanning written many articles.Experts talk about the beneficial effects of sunburn on my mood, to strengthen the production of hormones and vitamin D under the influence of the sun, on the normalization of blood circulation, etc.On the positive effects of sunburn remember everything.Is it possible to sunbathe pregnant?This question is particularly relevant if you want to sunbathe in the first two thirds of pregnancy.

Ideally, of course, it is better to consult a doctor who oversees your pregnancy, because there are some nuances of pregnancy, be aware of which can only be your doctor.If you have no contraindications, then, as they say, let the sun live!

Mom usually can sunbathe, but you need to remember and follow a few basic rules:

  • better to start sunbathing gradually, gradually increasing the time spent on the beach.
  • Try not to get to the beach from about 10 to 17 hours or be at this time strictly in the shadows.
  • Use sunscreen creams.And the darker your skin, the less a protection factor, you can choose the cream.Do not forget to promptly spread cream after swimming and every 2-3 hours in the sun (depending on the degree of perspiration).
  • Do not sleep on the beach.
  • not overheat.
  • Observe adequate drinking mode (not to forget to drink).
  • Use sunglasses, hats.

Can pregnant women use a solarium?In principle, there should preferably be guided by the same principles, that is, to sunbathe in moderation and with additional photoprotection.However, most doctors still recommend to refrain from visiting the solarium during pregnancy because of the possible weakening of the immune system, the appearance of age spots, threatened miscarriage.Solarium - the invention is not so old and so not enough research done.