Can pregnant women to cut their hair ?

Can pregnant women to cut their hair ?

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Can pregnant women to cut their hair?

This wonderful moment of life of any woman as pregnancy simply can not be ordinary.New sensations, new thoughts, new way of life - it all starts with you becoming pregnant!

Each person has things that he does on a regular basis, for example, cutting hair.During pregnancy, a woman may also notice split ends of hair or wish to make an interesting haircut.But is it possible for pregnant women to cut their hair?Are the innovations such as cutting hair to limitations during pregnancy?

Our life is full of signs, some believe in them, while others - not.The first group of people can relate and pregnant.Surely, it will be interesting to know what are the superstitions about the hair clippers to pregnant women.

Stritch pregnant: signs

said that pregnant women can not cut their hair before delivery.If a woman disobeys, then the child may be born prematurely or dead.The roots of such superstitions are rooted in the belief that the life force of man lies precisely in her hair.There is an assumption that all of this is due to the fact that in ancient times the hair of people rescued from the cold, keeping them alive.

There are other superstitions to explain why pregnant women can not cut their hair.It was believed that hair otstriganie could mean a decrease in their strength, material wealth, health;if they cut off.Therefore, the question of whether it is possible for pregnant women to cut their hair or not, refers to the health of most pregnant women.But remember - this is only the signs and assumptions.

In the villages believed that in any case can not let go of her hair on the wind.In feature films, we see witches who, having in his possession human hair, can affect him, his health, his thoughts and reason.Therefore, some of the hair buried in a secluded place, or burn them so that they do not fall into evil hands.If you have the value of the signs and you puzzled by the question, is it possible for pregnant women to cut their hair, then you say: cut the but take care of their own safety.

Signs signs, and science operates on evidence and facts, which can not argue.However you believe in omens, and encourage you to read the scientific point of view.

Cutting hair pregnant: Science

specialists and doctors are responsible, cutting hair pregnant or not - a private affair of a woman.Prohibitions no longer exists!Take reasonable explanation, we were talking about, they also could not find.

If now before you had to choose, cut hair or not, will help the following facts:

  • During pregnancy, the density of hair increases, they become more so as the hair loss is greatly reduced.
  • Cutting hair retains its shape and beautiful appearance of hair, and therefore uplifting the expectant mother.
  • When you mow split ends, hair grow better.Because, we answer: like the rest of the women pregnant can cut their hair in order to maintain their beauty and well-groomed appearance.
  • Most pregnant women in the last stages of pregnancy notice that their face was slightly swollen.A long hair are their indispensable tool.They help to make the face more elongated in appearance.This fact may explain why pregnant women can not cut their hair.
  • And if you now prevents hair length, the easier it will be to clean up your hair in an elegant tail, than every day to lay a new haircut.Cutting hair pregnant - this extra care.

hair Haircut - an important element of hair care products.But apart from her follow the advice to improve the condition of your hair during pregnancy.

Tips for hair care

  • During pregnancy hormonal changes in a woman's body, so the changes and structure, the condition of hair.If you think that pregnant women can not cut their hair and prefer to wear long hair, then observe your hair, describe for themselves their properties.Now you can choose the two most important products for hair care - shampoo and conditioner.
  • Pick a hair mask, it will serve as a means for additional care.With the mask you save shine, strength and beauty of healthy hair.And if your hair is relaxed, the mask is an indispensable lifeline for them.Do not forget that the beauty of your hair - a pledge of good mood in a wonderful period of pregnancy!
  • you are the owner of a normal type of hair: rinse hair infusion of chamomile or burdock root after shampooing.Do not miss the opportunity to pamper your hair healthy variety of masks, they also need to recharge so that after delivery to maintain its former beauty.
  • you the owner of greasy hair: Use the infusion of St. John's wort, plantain, yarrow.For 30 minutes before washing the head can be rubbed into the hair roots from the leaves of aloe vera juice.
  • you the owner of dry hair: you will approach the infusion of peppermint, dried birch leaves.Do not forget about the nutritive masks.Hair styling, do not use agents that contain alcohol.
  • it possible to increase hair pregnant?As for hair extensions, it can also be done during pregnancy.But think about the long period of time, which you have to sit in a chair by the wizard.If you do decide on this, take care of a well-ventilated room to smell a variety of means to neighboring workplaces detrimental not affect you and your baby.