How to clear the cache Internet Explorer?

How to clear the cache Internet Explorer?

Even the most inexperienced internet user knows that networking will be safe and comfortable while using only specialized web browsers - programs, with the help of which the entry into the network.Using it, one comes to any resource, work or fun.Popular and modern web browsers are not so much.One can assume Internet Explorer.It can be compared with the old in this field.Those who use it know that the browser is running relatively quickly and safely.Why

browser slows down?

Internet Explorer, as well as other programs, has such a property as automatic saving of files containing information about all visited web sites.This so-called cache of the Internet browser.Its presence facilitates the user's work.But the memory has overflowed property if it is not cleaned in time.Files (cookie) accumulate, it begins to slow down the browser work as hard disk they occupy more space.

course, Internet Explorer laid clear the memory function.But sometimes due to some reasons, it is not the case, the data is not updated.It is therefore necessary to know how to clear the cache of Internet Explorer.The matter is quite simple.The essence of clearing the cache each one browser.There are some differences in the actions committed.But if you carefully approach the issue, the difficulties will arise.

To clear the cache memory into Internet Explorer, should be performed according to the order of the following steps:

  1. First launch the browser to work.On the toolbar, find and open the "Tools".In the window that opens, look for "Internet Options" and open.
  2. the top of the window that opens, find the "General" tab.Again, open and click on the "Delete Files" (may be labeled differently depending on the version of the program, but the essence is the same).
  3. Now you have to confirm your action by consent in the resulting window.Here it is necessary to select "Delete all", or "Delete all files".Choosing the right, click, and the process of clearing the cache starts.

That's all I need to know how to clear your cache in Explorer.After the end of the process will only test the browser.