How to remove Comodo?

How to remove Comodo?

Comodo - a free software that provides protection for computers running on all versions of the Widows operating system from Internet attacks and intrusions from the outside.But there are situations when Comodo package is no longer needed for the computer, then it is necessary to uninstall or remove.

  • Before you remove Comodo, you must close it.RMB on the icon in the system tray - & gt;Go out.
  • Now you need to go to the menu Remove Programs.It is in the "Control Panel."In Windows XP, this menu is called "Remove" in the Seven - "Programs and Features".
  • Find the name of the virus scan and double-click on it.
  • opens a window through which you can both remove Comodo Internet Security, or to modify it.Simply select what you need, and click "Next".
  • stroke removal program will be displayed in the window.Take it may up to several minutes.

Improper disposal

This method can remove any program from your computer.Some users sometimes remove the folder itself with the program, but in this case it can not be done.Removal will not be correct and final.This can lead to the fact that you can not install another antivirus program, because "nedoudalenny» Comodo will interfere with it.

If you still delete them manually Comodo, you will be helpful to know how to remove Komodo after such an operation.To do this, you need to re-install the anti-virus and delete the scheme described above.If at the same time that it is impossible (for example, you can not install Comodo or it is not installed correctly and, accordingly, can not be deleted), you should use a third-party utilities.In particular, the free Revo Uninstaller program is designed specifically for the erasure of "stubborn" programs.

In addition, you may need to clean the registry.To do this, either manually remove all entries containing the word «Comodo», or, again, to use third-party software that can do it automatically (if it is necessary to make a backup copy of the registry is to always be able to return to the old state of the system).