How to make a link to a Word?

How to make a link to a Word?

Writing any work, whether essays, thesis work, almost always requires the creation of references and footnotes.This is necessary for the convenience of your work (footnote in the document), and for the expansion of content (when you link to any online resource), and in order to show the high level of your labors.That is why you need to know how to make a link in Word.This was on.

Creating links in a document Word

Surely you yourself have repeatedly met in the text of some of the (word, graphic elements), which are usually highlighted in blue and underlined.Clicking the mouse button on this part of the text while pressing the Ctrl key, allows you to go to any Internet site.This so-called hyperlink.You can also create it in any version of Word, whether Word 2003 or Word 2007. How to make this kind of link we consider.

  1. Open the text document Word 2007.
  2. Select the desired part of the text or the word (this will be a hyperlink, that will be highlighted).For example, let it be the word "you."
  3. the Internet copy of the address of the address bar of our website.
  4. return to the document and go to the tab "Insert" where select "Hyperlink".
  5. Before we open the window "Insert Hyperlink".
  6. Next, we offer options with which to associate the hyperlink.So the inscription "Assign" set "file, a web page."By the way, you can in the same way to make a link to any part of the inside of your same document.Thus it is possible to make soderazhanie.More information can be found here.
  7. Next, in the "Address" insert previously copied the address of our site.In the "Text" is automatically set the same Internet address.But instead, you can enter here copied from our text the word "here" (see. Step 2).
  8. All, click "OK", the link is created.

Footnotes in Word

When they say, how to make a link to Word, often have in mind a footnote.To make it even easier.

  1. Place the cursor at the end of a word, followed by a footnote should be.
  2. In vkladochke "Link" push the button "Insert Footnote".
  3. Then head to the bottom of the page, where you must enter the footnote.Done.