How to download a video on a flash drive ?

How to download a video on a flash drive ?

have beginners PC users often have many questions related to the use of computers and computer equipment.Today we look at one of the most common: let's talk about how to download videos on the USB flash drive into a Windows system.

How to download videos that you already have on your PC

Do you have a flash drive, and there is a video, for example, a film that is already downloaded to your computer.In order to transfer video to a USB flash drive, you first need to insert the flash drive into the computer and wait until he recognizes her.Then you can choose one of three ways.

1 way

fastest way, you do not even need to open the folder of the stick.Scroll left-click the desired video, then click the right button, select "Send" and navigate to the USB drive.

2 method

  1. If your computer has AutoPlay enabled, you will need to wait for the computer to detect the USB flash drive, and then on the desktop folder display flash.If autorun is disabled, you need to go to "My Computer", find there the flash icon and double click it to open the window.
  2. Then you need to enter the video folder on your computer, select it left mouse button, right-click and select "Copy."
  3. Then you need to go in the flash folder, click on free space, right-click and select "Paste".The longer the video is, the longer it will take to copy it to a USB flash drive.When the progress bar disappears, the video will be completely copied to the flash drive.

3 Way

  1. The first paragraph is the same as in the above instructions.
  2. Now you need to locate the open folder open folder and flash video together.To do this, you may have to reduce the size of folders - you can use a special icon in the upper right corner of the folder.
  3. Highlight the left mouse button on the video, and then hold it down the right mouse button, drag the folder to the USB drive.Wait for a full load videos on a USB flash drive.

How to download videos from a USB flash drive on the Internet

You can download the video on a flash drive directly from the Internet, bypassing the copy on your hard drive.Make sure the computer "reads" a USB flash drive, and then start the video download.After clicking the "Download" button brings you to the download window, where you will choose the future location to save the video.Clicking the left mouse button, select the "My Computer", then double-click to select the USB flash drive and click "Save".It remains to wait for the full video downloads.

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