How to write to a USB flash drive ?

How to write to a USB flash drive ?

Imagine that your friend has a movie on a computer.You simply need to see a handy disk is not present, and the time the record is not available.But if there is a USB flash drive, you can quickly put the necessary file on it.Also on the flash drive, you can record not only video or audio files, but also simple text documents, such as a thesis.

Before you write a file to a USB flash drive, you need to select, insert the USB flash drive into the USB-port on the computer.If you have a laptop, a connector for the stick can be in the side or rear of the notebook.After the computer detects the USB flash drive, you need to check the free space of the stick.To do this, open "My Computer", select USB flash drive, right-click on it and click "Properties".There you will see how much free space there is on a flash drive.After that, check the file size you want to throw on a flash drive.According to it, as you have to press the right mouse button, select "Properties", and you will see the file size.If the file size does not exceed the free volume of the stick, then the file can throw off the stick.

This can be done in the following ways:

  1. Open window stick, open a window with the file, select the file, and, holding it on the left mouse button, drag it to the flash window.After that, begin copying the file to a USB flash drive, you need to wait for it to end.
  2. You can use the "hot" keys.To do this, select the file you want, hover over it, press CTRL and press C (copy), then move the stick in the window and press CTRL and press V (paste).
  3. third option - to select the desired file, click on it, right-click, then select "Copy", and then move the stick in the window, click on an empty space, right-click and select "Paste".

Any of these three methods you can use to copy to stick the file.Wait until the file is completely copied to the USB flash drive, and then using the "Safely Remove" you can disconnect the USB flash drive from the computer.Here's how to write to a USB flash drive the required file!