How to protect your USB flash drive ?

How to protect your USB flash drive ?

Stick included in our everyday life, already far in the past are the days when the flash drive was the lot of wealthy people are, and the amount of flash drive 512 MB seemed, something transcendental.Today, no one would hang the stick around the neck on a chain to surprise others, as it was 5-7 years ago.Today, flash drives are popular and famous goods has its problems.The creators of viruses and other malicious software are not sleeping.Let's understand how to protect a USB flash drive.

Disable autorun

  • first way to disable the following: Press Win + R, enter gpedit.msc, we press "OK" and go along the path of "Computer Configuration," then "Administrative Templates" and go to "System".Open double-click "Turn off Autoplay", put a tick in the "Enabled" and later in "Turn off Autoplay on" select "all drives".Click "OK" and close the window "Group Policy."
  • second method.Enter the text in Notepad at this link.Then, in the menu "File select" Save As. "In the line "File name" list the name of any quoted with permission.reg, for example, "autorun. reg" and save.Run this file and agree to add to the registry.All autorun disabled.

Struggling with

viruses proceed to step to protect the flash drive from viruses.A radical way is to purchase a flash card with the recognition of the fingerprint, which have not rewritable autorun file.inf.Consider another way.

Similar to the previous point, open Notepad and copy:

attrib -s -h -r autorun *

del autorun *

mkdir% ~ d0AUTORUN...INF

mkdir "?% ~ D0AUTORUN. INF .."

attrib + s + h% ~ d0AUTORUN.INF

also go to the window "Save as ..", but assign a file name with an extension.bat - "viruskaput bat.".Copy this file to your USB flash drive and run, will create not delete autorun file.inf and the virus will not be able to copy it to your.


flash drive now talk about how to protect the USB flash drive with a password.For this we need a special free utility TrueCrypt, which you can download from here.First, prepare a USB flash drive, clearing it of all the files.Now run the installed TrueCrypt and go to «Tools» menu, then in «Traveler Disk Setup ...», in the «File Settings» specify the path to a flash drive via the button «Browse ...», then we press «Create» at the bottom, afterprogramm copy the necessary files, close this window.

Copy your files on a flash drive and in the same «Tools» menu, select the item «Volume Creation Wizard», in the first two boxes leave everything as it is, and the third point to a flash drive your way to just copy the files.We pass on and in «Volume Size» window specifies the maximum size of your flash drive.Remember that FAT 32 file system can store files up to four gigabytes.Then enter your password in the next window, select the flash file system and press the «Format».Now when you open the flash need to enter the password for this example program TrueCrypt is not needed.

Write protection

If you have a flash drive to four gigabytes, and you do not know how to protect the flash drive from the recording, use small program USB Dummy Protect, which creates a file called dummy.file, filling all the space of the stick.For his release, simply delete the file.Be careful not to store on your flash drive does not duplicate important documents, in order to avoid their loss.