How to find a flash drive ?

How to find a flash drive ?

Perhaps now hard to imagine a computer without the user's flash - drive in his pocket, as this device is portable, very convenient, and with it you can easily record the necessary information.But with this little device to work very carefully to prevent it from breakage and not lose all the important files stored on it.To start, you need to learn how to find a USB flash drive on your computer and how to connect it correctly.

After connecting the device there is a question where to find the USB flash drive.Doing this is not difficult, the main thing to know the options for finding it.

instructions on finding the stick

  • To start, wait a few seconds and the screen will pop up the following window:

    This window startup external devices.You have to press the left mouse button on the selected line and all information be presented to you in the window.Autorun is not always safe because they do not check the USB flash drive for viruses.
  • So, in order to avoid infecting your computer virusovannym device, turn off Auto open files using the icon X in the upper right-hand window and click on the icon "My computer»:
  • Now move the cursor to here this icon:

    Usually it is called "Removable Disk".Click 1 time, right-click and from the menu select "Scan for Viruses".After scanning, click the icon once the carrier 2 and all the folders and files will appear in this window.
  • If you open a flash drive through a conductor that choose "Start" command - "All Programs" - "Accessories" - "Explorer".Specify the path to the folder "My Computer" window and locate the USB device label.

If you are using a tablet, you need to know about how to find the stick on the tablet.

flash search tablet

  • Connect the USB flash drive via USB
  • connector at the bottom of the screen click on the drive icon in the menu that opens, click "View»

There is also another way to find the storage on the tablet.

  • Connect the micro USB cable to your computer
  • Select "Cancel sync»
  • Click on the line "to open the device to view files»

If your tablet does not see the USB flash drive, you will need:

  • Download ES Managerandroid-market
  • Execute the necessary actions with the stick on the standard instructions

Now you know exactly how to find the stick, and the knowledge gained will help you in finding the vehicle on the tablet.This will allow you to easily navigate to any operating system, and manipulate data.