How to open a USB flash drive ?

How to open a USB flash drive ?

has long been replaced by disks and floppy disks came flash media that allow you to store and transfer information.We'll show you how to open the flash drive on the computer on different operating systems and devices.Step by step instructions

Insert the flash drive into the USB-port.It is usually found near the connectors for microphone and headphones.Then click "Start" and go to "My Computer."This can also be done with the desktop.Among all the other discs, you'll see that there's a new, for example, «KINGSTON (F)».He may be called differently depending on how the flash drive renamed.Click the mouse on the image by pressing the left removable disk and then open its contents in front of you.So opens the flash drive on the Windows operating system.

How to open the stick to Linux?

Removable media in almost all operating systems, open the same way.However, if you are using a Linux system, you may experience some difficulties.

Flash-ROM can be accessed from the autorun or go to the computer: //, where you need to select the device to open.If removable media is not detected, download and install the drivers that will support the operation of these devices.After installation, the computer must reboot and flash drive open in any file manager.

How to open the stick on android and MasBook?

Guide is relevant to those who use a tablet or phone on android.The first thing you need to install a file manager.This can be an application X-plore File Manager program or ES File Explorer.With their help, you can go on a flash drive.

is the owner of the MacBook?Then, open the removable disk you as follows: Connect the USB flash drive to any USB-port, after a few seconds, it will be reflected on the screen desktop as an icon.Click on it twice, and will affect the content of the files stored on the drive in front of you.

If you're wondering how to open a hidden USB flash drive, then memorize the sequence of actions: open the removable disk, select "Tools" on the toolbar, then "Folder Options", "View", "Advanced Settings".Find the line "Hide protected operating system files" and remove the check mark, and in the line "Show hidden files and folders", on the contrary, you need to put it.Save your changes.

In case of problems with the opening of the stick read the article - What should I do if my computer does not see the stick.