How to use Audacity?

How to use Audacity?

For years there is a very useful tool for singers and music lovers just people.This program is called Audacity.It is designed to change human voice.In it you can make voice more soft and gentle, as if he had silk or vice versa to give it some kind of brutality and rigidity.Everything depends on the piece of music that you play.As the functionality the program is not complicated to use, and you will quickly learn all of its features.But still, how to use the program Audacity?We will reply to this question in this article.

Naturally, like any other program in Audacity has its own toolbar.All instruments were signed to this, you can quickly identify them.


  • allocation.With this tool, you select the portion of the track that you want to change.This is the most basic and original tool.If you'll give off a loud voice, you may have to allocate the entire file at once, or its parts, where there is your voice.
  • Change envelope.It is also a very important function.Since using this useful tool is you are doing, so that the sound appears as smoothly and gradually abate.
  • Change samples.The name itself says it does this tool (changes the samples).That is, it changes the sound sample of small volume.This is it a function of the program Audacity.How to use this function and other details described in this article.
  • Scaling.This tool increases or decreases, or a certain area of ​​the audio file you selected.When you change the original length, the sound will also be changed.It should always be taken into account.
  • time shift track.This feature gives you the ability to move the road workers and this produces more correct them play.And if you're working with multiple audio tracks or files, then this tool is your "magic wand."
  • purpose tool is similar in functionality to the tool "change of samples", although it is possible to edit only specific areas highlighted file.

Secondary tools

addition to the basic functions of this program has all the features and the usual "copy", "cut", "paste" ... These functions can be found in the "Edit" toolbar.Typical commands you'll find if you uncover the panel «Control Audacity».


In order to be able to change your vote you will need to make not one, but several different actions.Everything depends on what you want to achieve in this program.

  • make sure that your devices are working properly: microphone, headset
  • choose the menu "New File»
  • starting recording, press the button «record», after the «stop» recording
  • then select the desired track fragment and go to barter "the Effect ", press" OK ", then choose" the Normalize "and" Equalization "and also confirms.
  • Press in «Edit» menu, then «Preferences».You must select the list that appears in the «Quality» and check that the «Default Sample Rate» stands at 44100Hz.
  • further select the item «File Formats» and check that the audio format is Bit Rate, stands at 64. Next, select the item »Find Library».We are looking for the file "the Lame Encoder" and "click" the mouse on it twice.Then export the file in MP3, in the tab "File".We hope you enjoyed the Audacity program.How to use this program, we tell you, we can only download it and start practicing.We also recommend that you click on the link.There you will also find a lot of useful information on this topic.