How to connect a USB flash drive ?

How to connect a USB flash drive ?

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How to connect a USB flash drive?

Today, most users prefer the computer technology to transmit data, information and files from the Internet or flash drive.Age of disks and diskettes gone.However, in such a way to transfer data easily between devices that have normal usb-port and are able to identify a USB flash drive.But there are still smart phones and tablets, which may need to transfer files from a flash drive.

consider in more detail how to connect a USB flash drive to devices based on the iOS and Android.

How to connect a USB flash drive to the Android

Before attempting to connect a USB flash drive to your device, you need to download a special file manager, which is able to see files on a flash drive.Otherwise, it may happen that the device does not recognize the flash drive.For this case is perfect for the popular program USB OTG Helper.After installation, you can begin to connect the device to the USB drive.You can do this in two ways:

  • If your device has a MicroUSB, then connect the USB flash drive is not difficult, buying pre-special adapter to MicroUSB.
  • If your device does not MicroUSB, then connect the USB flash drive can be only bought a special adapter cable to the appropriate connector.Will is more than MicroUSB adapter.

After connecting the USB flash drive is automatically detected.Going into the USB OTG Helper program or another file manager capable of detecting the files on the stick, you can use a USB flash drive.

How to connect a USB flash drive to the iOS

officially for iOS devices are no special adapters, and devices to connect flash drives.The company in every way prevents this.However, if your iOS-device cracked and patched receiver, then connect the USB flash drive is still possible.To do this:

  1. necessary to buy a Camera Connection Kit with usb-connector.Officially, this adapter is used to transfer media files from the camera and the camera.However, with the help of an adapter you can still transfer files from a flash drive if the iOS device to flash.
  2. Download and install iFile file manager.
  3. Insert Adapter Camera Connection Kit to your iOS device, and insert the USB flash drive into it.
  4. error may appear on the screen.Push the button ┬źDismiss┬╗.
  5. Launch iFile file manager on the device.After some time, he will determine a removable drive.

You can now open your removable drive and view the contents.Through the file manager you can copy and delete files on a flash drive and transfer them to your iOS device.In addition, it is recommended in the settings file manager include the mapping file names to comfortably find the desired file.To edit the files, you can also download specific applications that are not hard to find in the forums pirate patched receiver iOS devices.

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