How to use Avidemux?

How to use Avidemux?

sudden increased interest in video converter, especially with the combined functions of video editor, it gives us a reason to offer a useful program for the implementation of these requests.It Avidemux.How to use this prog will be discussed below.A big plus storyboard that he was not packed with bookmarks and has a very simple and intuitive interface.Users will appreciate a calculator that will help set the optimum encoding parameters, especially when it is important to know the size of the output file.A great program for those who like fast editing home video.

Convert files

So, how to work in Avidemux?Open the program Avidemux.In Avidemux input accepts these files: MPEG, AVI, MP4, FLV, 3GP.The output can get: MPEG, AVI, MP4, FLV, OGM, MKV.V "video" group, select the required codec to us, such as "the Xvid".Specify the encoding parameters affecting the quality of the conversion, and file size.In the "audio" group, choose the desired audio codec, for example, MP3 (lame).Specify the parameters of the encoding here.In the "Format" group, select the desired final conversion format, for example, "an AVI".Click "Save Video" and name the file.Now you just need to wait for the completion of the conversion.


files can safely say that this program - the champion of simplicity and functionality of the video editing.So, go on, open Avidemux.How to trim video?Very simple!Add the desired video to edit.Move the playback slider to fix it in a place where you want to crop the video.If we need to crop the video from the beginning to the selected frame, then click to "Edit" menu and choose the sector "B".The keyboard is the icon "]."And all that is left of the selected track is deleted by pressing the «Delete» button.

In the case where you need to cut only the ending of the video in the right place to put the "A" marker on the keyboard icon "[".Press the «Delete» removes the selected fragment, one on the right.If you want this project to add another video, then open the program in this new file.On the track edit these two files will appear as one glued video.The first image - in the beginning of the second - in the end.

If we want to cut a small piece of the video, set the marker at the right place "B" on the keyboard icon "]."Then move the slider forward and in the right place to put the "A" marker on the keyboard icon "[".Use the "Velete" delete the selected fragment.To save our film chosen in the group "Audio" audio codec is MP3 (lame).To display the film, we choose the desired format, such as MP4.Save the video, give the name of the movie and click "Save".Notice how quickly the video is saved, and it does not re-encoded!An important addition.Try to keep the original files you have been in the same format, then when encoding will not be any problems.