How to use iTunes?

How to use iTunes?

iTunes - is a program provided by Apple, which is designed to support its own products: iPad, iPod, iPhone.It was created in order to facilitate the users to use devices of data, as well as to organize your music collection and video collection.But contrary to the functionality, not to the end can understand the program, because of the complexity of use.So today in our article, we will tell you how to use the iTunes, and how to understand the essence of her work.


In fact, the opportunities in this program are extensive.For example, it can transmit streaming video, even in high-resolution HD.The program is useful when ordering and creation of your music or video collections.Besides all this, it is connected to the company's corporate store - iTunes Store, where you can buy new music, and applications, and built-search algorithm can analyze the preferences of the owner and offer him a popular new items that will always be interesting.

Recently it was announced that the program is gaining momentum and is becoming more popular.In particular, improved its position in the market, sales of movies.All this indicates that the service is being actively developed and maintained, and that makes it even more interesting.Service is a leading naipopulyarneyshih online stores, for example, such as: Microsoft Zune Video Marketplace and Amazon.

How to use iTunes

This question asks virtually every consumer who has purchased one of the devices Apple.It adds complexity and the fact that this program is different.Firstly, there is a program that is installed on the computer, and is used to organize your music and video collection, as well as to synchronize with various Apple devices - iPad, iPod and others.

But there is also a non-standard iTunes application, which was originally installed on all devices are powered with the operating system.Those who have already managed to get acquainted with the AppStore, for sure soon will be able to understand the use of iTunes.But those who are faced with this application for the first time in all of the functionality may not understand.


  • To begin registering a new account, and then enter the username and password and log in.It is worth noting that the US accounts more functional than Russian, but most of our customers are interested in the second option.
  • First, pay attention to the section of the podcast.There can be placed, and video and audio, and all of them are free, and if you want, you can download them.They are divided into categories and themes, in general, not be easy to deal with them.
  • Also here you can find the section of iTunes U. It was originally conceived by the company, as a specialized platform for the various educational institutions.Universities are free to post here materials and assignments for their students, and they in turn will be able to download everything you need.Even here you can just find interesting work or additional materials.But if someone is interested in the section, and then they will be disappointed.In Russia, iTunes U is not quite popular, and Russian universities is hardly even aware of its existence.Found here Russian materials almost impossible.Therefore, we will not put an emphasis on how to work with the iTunes U
  • main section in the program - it Downloads.This immediately downloads section.Here you can easily choose something liked the shower and put on a download.But you can not cancel the download, it can only be put on pause.Also there may be some problems if the connection has broken.

How to work with iTunes

Also, using this program, you can synchronize your device with your computer, and burn it on the video, and music, but also watch and listen to them.We bring you detailed instructions for synchronizing files between a computer and your handheld device from Apple.

How to throw the music:

  • Plug the device to the computer.
  • When the icon (under the item "device") will appear in the window of your devaysa, highlight it.
  • If the panel "review" is not displayed, press the review tab.
  • select the item "process music manually," or this option may be called differently - "handle video and music manually."
  • Under the item "Media Library" on the left side of the window click option "Music", and drag the songs or playlists on your device.
  • The same are doing and video files.

How to throw photos:

  • connect your device to your computer.
  • When the icon appears in the window (under the item "device") your devaysa, highlight it and press a "photos" tab.
  • Choose the item "Sync photos from" and then the pop-up menu, choose the folder that contains the dates of your photos, or a program to work with images.
  • If you are using Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0, or even later, can throw off the photo directly from this program by pre-Photoshop Elements or Photoshop Album pop-up menu.
  • Select whether to copy the selected albums, and a folder with photos or all.
  • To add a device to your photos full resolution, choose the option "enable high-resolution photos."But this option is effective, if you are going to throw all the pictures from your computer to devaysa.

I think, to understand how to use the iTunes, is now for you is not difficult.