How to use MorphVOX?

How to use MorphVOX?

One of the best programs for voice changing and adding various effects is MorphVOX Pro.The initial stages of working with it is very simple, so even if you've never used an audio editor, you can all quickly master.Do not be difficult to set up and how to use the program MorphVOX Pro

During startup, the program you will be greeted by the so-calledDr. Voice, Voice Doctor, which is designed to automatically adjust the MorphVOX Pro for your vote and your type of microphone.It is necessary to set the mode to "Removing echo», " Echo Cancellation". Especially, if you are using speakers as the audio device. In that case, if you have headphones, the mode is not included.

Further, in the drop-down listyou need to select a microphone and headphones or speakers, which you are currently using. After that, you need to create a profile or account. you can also add and description of the profile, if desired. After, you need to check the microphone. Press the «record» and saying that-nibud into the microphone or read the words on the screen. in the event that the volume in the normal range, the text is highlighted in green, otherwise you will be prompted to change the volume of the microphone. this is done in the operating system settings. that's what you'll need in the early stageswork with MorphVOX Pro. How to use all the advanced features of the program? So ...

interface elements

  • original template.Clicking on the image, you can listen to a sample of your voice or standard.If the power button voice change is green, it means that the change of voice enabled.If the lights green button listening to your voice, then you will hear his voice in the headphones with a certain delay.
  • templates list.Before you use the program of MorphVOX, should know that it is wide enough, but not a complete list of voice patterns.This list is all of the data associated with each of the patterns of votes, divided into groups.To the left of the template name is an indicator, if it is on, the light is green.This means that it is coordinated with the information received from the voice of the doctor - your original tone of voice.
  • Voice Settings.The main point - the height of the voice.The higher this figure, your voice will sound the better.And, accordingly, less than the index, the lower the voice.When setting the tone, you can set the strength in voice."Volume meter" mode can also be set.It shows how your voice sounds loud.
  • List of sound effects.In this list, you can select the sound effect and the sound effect volume.Near the volume bar is a button that opens a list of additional infusions.You can turn on the play button of the background sound.
  • List of background sounds.From this list, you can select one of the background sounds for playback and adjust the volume of background sound.Next to the volume button there are additional options for the Button background sounds and effects.
  • Graphic Equalizer.This ten-control graphic equalizer, provides the possibility of very precise adjustment of your voice.You can use the standard EQ settings or save your own in the preset.
  • have a point «Morph a File» from the top menu.When clicked, it will open a window where you can add the effect of changes in voting on the contents of the selected file.
  • There is also a point of «Record your voice» in the top menu.That will allow it to record your voice, and then save it as an audio file.

Incorporating voice change options and how to use MorphVOX - panel on settings specified using the corresponding buttons in the upper left corner.The list, which is on the left, select one of the templates change the vote.This list can be extended with add-ons that are present in the archive installer program MorphVOX.To turn the sound effect or background noise, you need to click on the desired «Sounds» toolbar button.In order to install additional sound effects, there is a panel on the bottom right of the main window.Now you know how to use the program MorphVOX.So, you can process sound easy.