How to close a file?

How to close a file?

Modern operating systems and, in particular, a popular OS Windows offers a lot of ways on how to close the file.About them we will talk in this article.

most simple and accessible method is to use the "X" button, which is located in the upper right corner of almost any open window.To do this, just click on the left mouse button.If this method does not suit you, you can resort to a combination of «ALT + F4» keys.Pressing these buttons will also close the active window.

Another way of closing unnecessary programs is to use Task Manager.Usually resort to it if the opened file is not available or is not responding.Call Manager can be clicking, for example, on the "desktop", right-clicking and selecting the menu line of the same name opens.If the computer freezes, try a combination of «CTRL + ALT + DEL».In principle, the methods cause the Task Manager a lot, we have described the fastest.

After the manager opened the window it is necessary to select the tab "Applications".There you will see a full list of running programs.Choose the one you want to close and select it by clicking the left mouse button.After that, click on the button "End Task."That's all the problematic application is forced to close.

How to close the file in the system

Sometimes it happens that you want to perform an operation on a file, but the on-screen pop-up dialogs like "The file is opened in the system" or "The file is opened in Windows Explorer."This means that an item that you want to close, open utility.In the Utility Manager does not display applications.Solve this problem for years proven way - to restart your computer.The only reset can not help if, for example, in the program settings, creating virtual drives is checked "Avtomontiroanie".So, before you reboot, remove the appropriate tick in Daemon Tools or similar software for virtual disks.

Now you know not only simple ways of closing the windows, but also how close the file in Windows Explorer.Good luck!