How to flash the printer ?

How to flash the printer ?

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How to flash the printer?

Printer Firmware - this change device settings.Many printer models require firmware when it comes to change cartridges.All manufacturers struggle with the companies that refill cartridges.To do this, they put some protection to lock the cartridge refills.

But many users do not want to overpay for new cartridges, so resorted to in order to fill the paint old.All printers have different ways of flash: some can be sewn through the computer, while others are in need of mechanical action, for example, in the removal of the chip.In general, the printer firmware - it's not complicated.It is enough to know how to flash the printer.

sews printer

If you own a bad technique, it is best to refer to the person skilled in the service center.But if you decide to sew your own printer, we'll tell how to do it.

  1. So, you first need to download the firmware program together with the utility for the desired printer model.Pick up it must be in accordance with the current version of the software.Of course, try to download the only official version.Following the link, you download the software for Samsung, Xerox, Dell.
  2. Check the downloaded software for viruses.
  3. Then unplug the printer from the power supply and connect to a computer.
  4. It is best to download the service instructions for the printer model that you want to sew.Without it, it is better not to perform the firmware, since it is written correct sequence for this model.
  5. Next on the computer via the program menu 'File' 'open the downloaded version of the firmware and install it on your printer.It may take several minutes, during installation it is not desirable to carry out other manipulations with the computer.
  6. After updating print system file.


In any case, independent of the printer firmware can be risky.To reduce the chance of failure, pay attention to the warning:

  • Do not turn off during operation of the power supply.Otherwise, the computer or the printer can not turn anymore.
  • During firmware, do not connect other USB-devices to a computer, even a mouse.
  • Use only serviceable USB cables.
  • Keep in mind, an independent device firmware automatically shoots a guarantee from him.

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