What is DOS?

What is DOS?

MS-DOS - an acronym for Microsoft Disk Operating System, which means "Microsoft Disk Operating System".This is undoubtedly the most famous operating system before the advent of the famous family of Windows.

MS-DOS - what is it?

This is an operating system that has worked in the real-time mode of the processor with x86 architecture (16-bit first, and then 32).Basic functionality performed only 3 (!) File.About any multitasking speech not even passed.All work was carried out by entering directives in the command line.User saw only "invitation" to enter, the cursor and the text is no graphical user interface existed.

predecessor of this operating system was developed by Tim Paterson at Seattle Computer Products companies in 1980.He created QDOS for the Intel processor 8086. In July 1981 Microsoft gets on her license for IBM machines.The deal is estimated at 25 thousand dollars.On its basis, it was created DOS.

Release MS-DOS has been dated to 1981 and its renovation lasted until 2000.8 OS versions were released during this time.It is thanks to this operating system, Microsoft has developed into the largest player in the IT market.


C 1983 began the development of GUI for this system.They are seriously hampered by the meager hardware resources at the time.A third-party shell, but speaking in the language of today, they looked just like the extension.And call it a "GUI" is difficult.Rather, pseudographic, because all the graphics was colored lines and menu names.The meaning remains the same - the text, text, text.Highlight is only MS-DOS shell - it is, in fact, the file manager with the same pseudographic text interface, but it was a breakthrough thanks to the support the pointing device - the "mouse".

In 1985, a desperate attempt to implement a graphical user interface Microsoft has been met cool, and not done all that well.Just then there was the first Windows, it was only a shell for MS-DOS.


As we have seen, MS-DOS was not designed for multi-tasking and multi-user operation.There were attempts to provide multitasking by such additional media as TopView and DESQview.Last achieved a small success, but later, multi-tasking (meaning that the processor simply take turns performing all tasks, or rather their parts) was introduced with the advent of more powerful processors and the implementation of some features of Intel 80386 virtual memory.


Every day we are faced with DOS, but when it happens?What is DOS in the modern world?

In fact, the Windows based on MS-DOS kernel.This is just fluff jacket, of course, the kernel also bears little resemblance to that dates back to the eighties years of the last century.Nevertheless, you want to feel the atmosphere?

Start - Run - cmd.exe.We press on Enter - welcome to the DOS!Any operation carried out on your computer, can be performed here by simply entering commands!