How to get to Eagle ?

How to get to Eagle ?

name of the city appeared under Ivan the Terrible.At the beginning of the construction of the first buildings at the time of felling the tree tops eagle flew.One of the workers said, "And here is the boss."After that the Terrible ordered to name the city after the birds.By the way, you can learn how to draw this proud flyer from our article How to draw an eagle.

Now, find out how to get to the Eagle.

Orel: traffic routes

Due to the relatively close proximity of the city of Eagle to Moscow would be best to propose options for the trip because of the Russian capital.

By car

trip by car to the city of Eagle will take you about 5 hours, and will be 362 km.It is better to prepare for the trip in advance.The route will be so:

  1. Merge onto the street Mytnaya after the 3rd ring road.Once you pass the underground station Nagatinskaja, you will find yourself on the Warsaw highway (M2 highway);
  2. Continue on the Warsaw highway and M2 and cross the Ring Road;
  3. After crossing the main ring, you will find yourself at the Simferopol highway (highway "Crimea");
  4. Then continue along the M2 road, and when a pointer to Orel follow in these areas.

public transport

most comfortable way to reach the Eagle - by train.You can go to the Eagle with the Kursk railway station.Trains run every day at 17:55 and 23:21.The trip usually takes you four to five and a half hours.Arriving in Eagle at 22:04 and 4:15, respectively.The fare will depend on the class of service.The cheapest ticket will cost you 698 rubles, and the most expensive - in 4180 rubles.

If you like to travel by bus, you have the following options.Direct Flights to Eagle depart daily from the Central Bus Station.Trips are organized three times a day - at 11:15, 14:25 and 22:20.The duration of the trip will be about seven hours, which is slightly slower than if you went to the Eagle on the train.The cost of a direct flight will be 700 rubles.In addition there are transit flights.