How to get to Yalta ?

How to get to Yalta ?

Yalta - it is a large resort town on the Crimea peninsula.The city has a direct connection with many cities of the peninsula: Simferopol, Alushta, Feodosia and other cities.Also to Yalta is not difficult to get from other settlements of the Crimea and the Russian Federation.

What connections to Yalta direct

to Yalta direct bus ride from Moscow.You can buy tickets at the box office bus station in Moscow or use the services of agencies which organize trips.The bus to Yalta is about 24 hours, so if you wish of the passenger airbag and issued blanket, so you can relax.

Getting to Yalta from Simferopol

can get to Yalta from Simferopol by bus or trolley.The road promises to be interesting - the window is a picturesque view, this is definitely not necessary to doubt, because on the way to Yalta, you will see the mountains and the sea, which is very impressive.It is worth noting that the road to the bus takes just over two hours.So if you have time, you can ride on the bus, to the same trolleybus route in the Crimea is the longest in the world - about 85 km.

But if you need to hurry up and get to Yalta more quickly, you can take a taxi.Coming out of the airport building, you will immediately see the drivers that will offer you a ride to your destination.Usual gazelki much cheaper taxi, but it will arrive at the Yalta fast enough.

Bus stop is located near the airport, about a 3-4 minute walk.


aircraft Yalta can be reached by plane, but only have to fly to Simferopol, as only in this city has an airport, and is already out of it to get to your destination by public transport or taxi.

You can also take a bus to Yalta with w / d station of Simferopol.And from Simferopol airport to the train station go to bus number 98 and 115, as well as the trolley bus number 9.

By train

can get to Yalta and on the train, but keep in mind that the route in 2014 and has changed little time on the road fromMoscow will take about a day, also have to go anyway just to Simferopol, as w / a road does not pass through Yalta.

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