How to get to Yaroslavl ?

How to get to Yaroslavl ?

Yaroslavl - one of the oldest Russian cities, preserved to this day a lot of beautiful sights of the past centuries.If you are on the city's heart, where the strong Russian spirit of antiquity, be sure to visit Yaroslavl.

This article will tell you how to get to Yaroslavl.


Through Yaroslavl held a huge number of trains.And if you're going to Yaroslavl from Moscow, you can choose from as many as 226 trains, 24 of which - the brand.Of course, as you know, in this range, you can easily find the optimal time of departure.

train from Moscow to Yaroslavl is about 4 hours, the approximate price of the ticket on a normal train - 700 rubles for a seat, 1000 - for the reserved seats.Branded trains seats do not offer, and asked for a reserved seat about 1,500 rubles.

course, firm trains more comfortable than usual, but it is worth to pay for it twice?Moreover, the trip lasts only 4 hours.

View flights on the necessary dates, as well as learn about the trains coming in from other cities Yaroslavl, you can use this service.


get to the Yaroslavl and can be on the bus.They are also quite a lot of walking.A detailed schedule can be found here.The ticket price for the bus - 700 rubles, but in this case, the trip will take more time - 5-6 hours.

On a personal car

Distance between Yaroslavl and Moscow is 272 km on this road you will need about 22 liters of gasoline, which is about 700 rubles will have to spend on fuel.It turns out that the price of a trip to Yaroslavl is about the same when using and train and bus, and a personal car, though, if you are traveling with a company can save by going by car.

By plane

In Yaroslavl there is an airport and, consequently, access to the city can be and aircraft, but, firstly, it would be much more expensive, and secondly, almost all flights - interchange, in the end have to spend in the way hours10, or even 20 and pay them 10,000 rubles per ticket.

Flights on the route Moscow-Yaroslavl, as well as flights to Yaroslavl from other cities can be specified here.

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