How to go to the Crimea ?

How to go to the Crimea ?

Whatever opinion is not expressed followers to travel by train or plane, a trip to the Crimea by car is much more advantageously.This trip has no time frame, you will not embarrass fellow travelers, all the problems with luggage solved in a jiffy, and besides all this, you get a unique excursion.Frequently asked question: how to go to the Crimea, you will find the most common.1500 km - and you're in paradise.If you decide to travel by car, it is very good.After all, you can enjoy the surrounding scenery and stay in any you liked the place.But here it is necessary to know how to go to the Crimea, to make your holiday has turned out much more extensive, interesting and independent from anyone.

first thing you need before you travel, it is, of course, to prepare the car, fill a full tank and select a route.If the first two points is easy to handle, by the choice of the route should be taken responsibly, while weighing the pros and cons.

most popular routes

Consider the most popular routes, will understand their pros and cons.

Route №1

Moscow - Tula - Oryol - Kursk - Belgorod - Kharkiv - Dnepropetrovsk - Zaporozhye - Melitopol - Dzhankoy

leave Moscow and Simferopol highway, bypassing all of the above the city, come up on the border.Cross it near the Cossack Lopan continue to advance in the direction of Kharkiv.After Melitopol through Chongarsky Peninsula brings you to the Crimea.It should be noted that this is the shortest route, that is, and the time and gasoline for the trip, you will spend less.Along the road a lot of different cafes, camp sites, recreation areas, where you can easily stop, relax and eat.The main disadvantage of this route is a heavy workload and long queues at the border, besides a lot of problems created post DAI.

route number 2

Moscow - Voronezh - Rostov-on-Don - Novoazovsk - Mariupol - Berdyansk - Melitopol

from Moscow on the road take the exit and follow the Don to Voronezh and Rostov.In Rostov, head west and through the Taganrog arrive on the border with Ukraine.Further, through Novoazovsk Melitopol.It should turn south and after Genichevsk, call in Crimea.Most of the road passes through Russia, where gasoline can be bought for rubles and it costs much cheaper.The route is almost always free, there is a fairly large areas where the speed of 110 km / h, and posts DAI significantly less.

Crossing borders If you decide to go to the Crimea by car, you need to consider one caveat - the border crossing.To do this, you need to be in possession of all the necessary documents.With the passage of the border with the Russian side, it is sufficient to show a driver's license, car documents and passports of all the passengers, including the driver.The customs officer will inspect the car, ask whether you have something forbidden, and how many liters of fuel with you?After that, you wish a safe journey, and you go on the Ukrainian side of customs.

On the Ukrainian side, go through customs a bit more complicated, here a simple display of the document can not do.Especially hard to pass the customs checkpoint in Goptivka.Every foreigner is necessary to fill in an immigration card, without errors.If you have a passport, fill out an immigration card is not necessary.You simply make a note of the entry / exit and wish a pleasant stay.