Red Square , how to get ?

Red Square , how to get ?

Big stream of people arrive every day in Moscow on 9 railway stations and arrives in 3 airport.Most of them will need to reach the city center.How to do it?

"Red Square" - a historical center of Moscow, there is a large number of monuments such as the Kremlin, the place of execution, St. Basil's Cathedral, a sculpture of Minin and Pozharsky, Lenin's Mausoleum and many others."Red Square", how to get to it easiest?The most correct answer - using the subway, transport tentacles which help to link the center of Moscow to train stations and airports.Around the "Red Square" located next to the underground station "Okhotny Ryad", "Revolution Square", "Theatre", "China Town", "Lubyanka", "Lenin Library.".

From Moscow airports run special trains - Aeroexpress, according to their routes we reach the railway station, and from there on metro lines are moving towards the "Red Square".Here are some options how to reach the "Red Square":

  • Airport "Sheremetyevo" - Belarusian railway station, from the metro station "Belorusskaya" to "Theater" station (direct, radial green line).
  • airport "Domodedovo" - Paveletsky railway station, from there to the station "Paveletskaya" to "Teatralnaya" metro station (direct, radial green line).
  • Airport "Vnukovo" - the Kiev railway station, from there the metro station "Kiev" to "Revolution Square" (direct, blue line).
  • Kazansky, Leningradsky and Yaroslavsky train stations is surrounded by a "Komsomolskaya Square" (all the way and call it - "Area of ​​three stations").It is the metro station "Komsomolskaya" (red line) station, you have to get to the station from her "Okhotny Ryad" (direct).
  • from the Kursk railway station on the (station "Kursk") - to the station "Revolution Square" (without the transplants, the blue line, look closely to a mistake not to get on the circle line!).
  • From the Riga station (metro station "Riga") to the station "China Town" (direct, orange line).
  • From Savelovsky station (station "Savelovskaya") to the station "Lenin Library" (direct, gray line).

Thus, we examined the routes to the center, which is the "Red Square" in Moscow, how to get to it with a minimum of transplants from stations and airports, you already know.