Mega Belaya Dacha , how to get there ?

Mega Belaya Dacha , how to get there ?

shopping center Mega Belaya Dacha is located at the 14th km of the Moscow Ring Road, though close to Moscow, but on foot you reach.Therefore, going to a wonderful place where there are more than 300 shops, it is necessary to learn how to drive to the Mega Belaya Dacha.

free bus

So, it is necessary to remember that the most advantageous to take the free bus to the firm, which runs from the Metro Kuzminki, Vykhino, Lublin.Lyubertsy Dzerzhinsky and go the same buses.

Arriving by subway station Lublin, it is necessary to come out of the last car, follow the transition, keeping to the left, turn, go up to the city.At the Flower Kiosk Stop Mega buses.

If you go to the Mega Belaya Dacha, how to get easily and without loss of time, you prompt the arrow-pointers to Kuzminki Metro Station.Go for him for the transition, you turn to the right, then go left to the city.Mega Bus stand right at the exit of the subway.

From Vykhino access is also very easy on the company's free shuttle bus.We must come out of the last car of the subway, and then down the stairs and turn right.The bus is already waiting for you at the exit of the subway!

first free branded buses to the Mega Belaya Dacha come from these stops at 9am.The last bus on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday go to 23.30, and on Friday and Saturday - in the first half of the night.So you will be able to successfully avoid all the shops!


Just before the Mega Belaya Dacha and can be reached by taxi.From each of the aforesaid stops they go.But, in addition, from the metro station is Bratislava bus №10, 575, 591. From Lublin sent a minibus №518 and 553. From Kuzminok you can go on the bus 655, and from the Metro Volzhskaya by taxi 872.

Very often fromMoscow sent a minibus to the suburbs, but they go through the shopping center Mega Belaya Dacha.And there is a bus that goes only from the suburbs to the Mega and back.Therefore, learn the schedule carefully, and you'll know exactly how to get to Mega Belaya Dacha.

From the city Kotelniki to Mega is a bus №1.From Lyuberets direct bus to Mega - №27, 72, from rail have to go on the shuttle bus №47 from Tomilino village - bus №71.

from Lyubertsy to Mega and then to Moscow (v. Metro Lyublino) are buses №315 and 870. Incidentally, the 870th flight will take you to the metro station and the Volga.From Kapotnya in Lyubertsy is a bus # 556, and the path is the same across the Mega Belaya Dacha,.

From Kotelnikov to Kuzminki Metro Station runs 866 bus.From the neighborhood Belaya Dacha to Kuzminki Station can be reached on the 875th shuttle flight.From Reutova to Mega bus will take you 940 and 941, from the village of Nekrasovka - 942 (and it goes to Moscow to Bratislava).