Moscow City : how to get there ?

Moscow City : how to get there ?

Moscow City - is the International Business Center (MIBC).He currently is the largest construction project in the whole of Russia.It is located in the Krasnaya Presnya district, lane Kozhevnicheskiy.Today commissioned mini-metro.The train goes from "Alexandrovsky Garden" subway station to downtown.Too many people want to visit this great building and look at Moscow with a bird's-eye view.We'll tell you in detail about the routes going to the Moscow City.

Getting there: Metro

One option is to get in MIBC travel to the metro station "Exhibition" or to "International" metro station.Until both of these stations can be reached from the following metro stations:

  • «Alexander Garden";
  • «Arbat»;
  • «Smolenskaya»;
  • «Kiev».

why many residents and visitors want to get to the International Business Center?The fact that people are attracted to all the new and unusual.The center is located on a huge area, which is 60 hectares.Very interesting architecture of the buildings, including three high-rise towers.Two are designed for offices, and the third are residential apartments and hotel complex.In the center of a developed social and cultural infrastructure, which includes boutiques, restaurants, clubs and spa salons and much more.

Hence, there is great interest in this unusual business center and many tourists are interested in visiting the Moscow-City.

How to get there: ground transportation

Surface transport is necessary to get to the alley Kozhevnicheskaya 2, house 7A.Stop called street Derbenevskaya.Also on the bus to the business center can be accessed from the following metro stations:

  • Marxist.By bus number 106 will have to travel 7 stops;
  • Serpukhov.By bus number 632 to go 5 stops;
  • Paveletskaya.From this station runs three buses and one bus: bus number 106, 13 and 632 - 3 stops on marshrutke13m will need 4 stops;
  • Taganskaya.Avtobus№106 - 6 stops;

From lane close Kozhevnicheskaya are Paveletskaya Station and Moscow-commodity Paveletskaya.From them to the business center, you can walk.To the nearest metro stations are:

  • proletarian;
  • Serpukhovskaya;
  • Paveletskaya;
  • Peasant outpost;
  • Taganskaya.

Travel agencies offer tours to visit the shopping business center Moscow-City, where a detailed insight about the project and its construction will be carried out, shows the largest musical fountain in the world, the journey to the tower Federation, rise to a height and other events.

Now you know that a Moscow-City, how to get to it in different ways.