How to determine the gender of a noun ?

How to determine the gender of a noun ?

Rhode noun determine is quite simple.You can just substitute him pronoun: my mother (female), my father (masculine), my sun (neuter).But there are indeclinable nouns - nouns that occur in the different offers in the same form.And this is where you start to think about how to determine the kind of indeclinable nouns.

Determine the kind of abbreviations

For a start it would be good to remember what the acronym.Abbreviation - abbreviated spelling of the group.Typically, this word consisting of the initial letters of each word in the group.To determine the kind of abbreviations, it is necessary to determine the kind of the main word from the group.


USATU - Ufa State Aviation Technical University.This abbreviation is definitely masculine, since the word "university" refers to the masculine gender.

MIA - Ministry of Internal Affairs.This abbreviation neuter, as the word "ministry" - neuter.

How to determine the gender of a noun in a sentence

To do this, see what the adjective attached to a noun.If the adjective answers the question: "What" is a feminine noun.If the adjective answers the question: "What" is a masculine noun.If the adjective answers the question: "What," the neuter noun.If the adjective is not, but there is a verb, it can be used to determine the species.For example, a lady walked down the street."Lady" - feminine.

rules and exceptions

If indeclinable noun refers to a trade (Professor, chauffeur, attache, porter), then it is definitely masculine, even if addressed to a woman.

indeclinable nouns, came to us from other countries, most of them belong to the neuter:. Sconces, cinema, metro, taxi, etc. .Here are exceptions: coffee (masculine), kohlrabi (feminine), Avenue (womengenus), a penalty (masculine).

If indeclinable noun animal calls - Kangaroos, chimpanzees, it also refers to the masculine gender.In the context, they can be feminine.

the feminine nouns are indeclinable calling women: Mrs, Miss, Madam, Frau, etc.Also the feminine are indeclinable feminine names - Curie, Mary Carmen.

If you need to determine the kind of a place name, you can do so by generic word.Faraway (island) Haiti.Haiti - masculine.

Anyone who does not want to learn the rules, there is a good tip - look kind a word in the dictionary.