What are the letters ?

What are the letters ?

Speaking in Russian, do not always think about the letters.The Russian alphabet of 33 letters we use to communicate, fill out forms, write letters to each other, to express emotions - our whole life is connected with the letters.But what are the letters?So right away and not answer this question.Let's look together with the value of the letters of the Russian language.


No wonder they are called capital - the letters used when writing.Most little kids start their acquaintance with these letters, learning recipe.Uppercase letters are written with a capital letter.With a capital letter begins a proposal, for example: "Let's be glad together, children."Also, capital letters in the text are found after various punctuation marks, for example, after the exclamation: "Hurrah!Forward!".Or the question: "Do you agree?Yes!".And, of course, after the point: "Let's go to the sea.It is very beautiful. "Proper names also are written with a capital letter, for example: "Peter, Helen, Hans, Louis."Names of plants, animal nicknames, wine varieties write with a capital letter, such as "Parma violet, Tuzik, Abrau-Durso".Place names also written with a capital letter, such as "America, the New World."The names of astronomical objects, historical periods, such as "beta Libra, Ancient Rome."For a complete list, which lists all cases when used large letter, you can go here.

Lowercase letters Lowercase

are smaller capital letters, and these letters are used in all other cases, which are not stipulated rules of writing capital letters.For example: "Grisha went to the pond."


When the pronunciation of these letters there is no obstruction in the larynx, the sound is free.I wonder what are the vowels?Such letters are there in Russian language 10 a (ABC), y (ear), e (spruce), and (needle), g (hedgehog), a (points), s (no words), I (pit), e(elevator), w (skirt).


What are the letters except vowels, uppercase and lowercase?According to the letter - letters, sounds which are combined with the vowels, and do not form the top of the syllable.Those in the Russian language 21: g (mountain), w (width), h (hours), d (road), w (cheek), w (life), Q (iodine), s (ash) in the (wind)l (person), b (roll), to the (bone), with (sleeping), m (sea), n (peninsula), n (hole), river (the river), p (price), t (cloud), f (torch).